iPod Q- repeat artists

I have a 5G iPod, and several of the artist’s names are repeated under the Artist menu. This used to happen on my old iPod if there was a difference in the two listings, like a mispelling, or something. On the new iPod all the doubled listings are exactly the same. I’ve tried deleting songs, then replacing them and it hasn’t worked. Is there a fix for this?

Yes, if you highlight all of the songs that you want, right click, there’s an info option or something like that. There you can change the artist name to whatever you want. I get this on bands that go by the person’s last name, like Dokken, but some times they will put in the first name as well. I don’t have iTunes in front of me but it’s there.

Maybe a space at the end of the name?

Just chiming in that I’ve had the same problem w/ my 5G iPod. Omega and Edward, it’s not a matter of different songs by the same artist being listed under different artists - for me, at least, I had a full repeat. So I had ‘The Velvet Underground’ listed twice, each clone having the same song list.

ArmenE, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I have the issue you described. It’s a full repeat, not one list under Lastname, and one under First and Last. Perhaps there is a blank space after some of the names that’s confusing the iPod. I’ll check that out.