iPod reads as B drive instead G

I got a new Nano for the kids for Christmas. The problem is that when I plug it in to the USB port, the computer reads it as a B drive external storage device. I have to manually go in and change it to the G drive each and every time I plug it in.

My ipod opens in itunes as an ipod every time I plug it in (unless I use it on a different computer) so I don’t understand why I’m having this problem.

What do I need to do? How do I tell the computer to always read it as an iPod instead of an external storage device?

I don’t quite get the problem. I read your questions as:

a) You want the computer to recognize the Nano as a disk drive labeled G:

b) You don’t want the computer to recognize the Nano as a disk drive at all, you want it recognized as an iPod.

These two don’t seem like compatible outcomes. Can you clarify, please?

If this helps, here’s the “five R’s” page on the Nano. Also in iTunes, choose Help menu ->“iPod Help”, which is usually pretty helpful.

I want it to recognize it as an iPod, which for the computer seems to be the G drive. When I plug it in, the computer recognizes it as a B drive which is a “removable storage device.” If the path is G, it shows up in iTunes, if it is B, it doesn’t. The default seems to be B, how do I change it to default to G or some other letter that will tell iTunes there’s an iPod plugged in?

I think you may be mixing up the causation – on my (XP) machine, my iPod doesn’t show up as a drive at all*. Nevertheless, the iPod still shows up in iTunes.

Are you using XP, or an earlier Windows (which perhaps does the drive masquerading you’re describing to get the device to work, and I wasn’t aware of that) ?
*There is a setting in iTunes that you can turn on to let you use the iPod as a disk drive, but this is independent from the iPod’s use as a music device.

Instructions on how to assign a drive letter to a device in Windows, which I’m not sure will solve your problem, but what the heck its worth a try. Although perhaps this was already the procure you were using.

From Apple’s site, this may be applicable. “Windows confuses iPod with network drive or hard drive and may keep iPod from mounting or songs may seem to disappear”

I have a similar problem. My brother’s computer reads the drive as F and works perfectly fine. Mine reads it as G and does not work properly. It will freeze during syncs, constantly say my iPod Nano 6th Generation needs repair but when I tell it to repair it crashes, and other things of the sort. Does anyone know how to get my iPod to be read as F?

This doesn’t solve my problem. I set my letter to F, like my brother’s, but it still won’t work.

I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes.