iPod splitting up albums...

A friend’s iPod Gen 4 Touch has put all her Alternative music into a category it created called Unknown. It is also splitting up songs from compilation albums so that when she wants to listen to the album, she has to select each song seperately one after the other. Anyone know how to fix these issues? It does that even when she is in the Albums category, not the songs or the artists.

Also, she needs to know how to best transfer her music collection from her iPod to her computer without loss or confusion.

There is a “Compilation” option in the “Get Info” for each song. Select all the songs in the compilation (hold down shift and click with the left button), right click and choose “Get Info”. Under “Options” there is the “Part of a Compilation” section. Choose “Yes”.

This is based on the latest iTunes on a Mac. Windows may be slightly different.

Regarding the music under a Unknown category, change the category for these songs to whatever you want it to be. Use the same multiple-select method mentioned above.