Iran opposition plans 2/14 demonstration in Tehran

Despite some pre-emptive arrests and crackdowns, they’re going ahead with it.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I have my doubts as to whether a people-power revolution could succeed in Iran. When it came down to it, the Tunisian and Egyptian governments just did not have enough public support to stand. But in Iran, they already have a kindasorta-elected government, and if Ahmadinejad does not represent the views of the majority, he does represent the views of a very large and zealous and well-organized minority. It would be much more of a two-sided street fight – something best to avoid; it could get really ugly. Like, Lebanon ugly, but in a country of 77 million.

I’ll take it seriously when mullahs hang from lamposts.

As much as I sympathize with the Iranian protesters, as long as they keep chanting “Death to the Dictator”, they aren’t going to get anywhere. They need to leave an out for the current rulers.

Two confirmed dead in the protests so far (but the government blames it on the outlawed People’s Mujahedeen of Iran); lawmakers call for execution of opposition leaders.

In fact, on CNN right now, the lawmakers are actually chanting “Execute them!” over and over on the floor of Parliament. Very loudly.


That’s the real stuff, dudes! That’s like what we remember from the “Death to America!” glory days! You’ve still got it! Khomeini in Paradise rejoices! :cool:

In response, one opposition leader says he will “pay any price” in pursuit of democratic change.

Dude, don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.

Every movement needs its martyrs.

I live in hope.

And opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi is now simply . . . missing. (As both government and opposition renew calls for street rallies.)

Still going on, but not heating up.