Iraq and UN resolution 1441

Was Iraq in violation of UN resolution 1441?

This sounds like a poll. If you want to debate something, you need to have a position. But I’m really wondering why do you needed to start ANOTHER Iraq thread when you started one yesterday.

Here’s the text of the Resolution.

At which point in time?

There was not much to be “in violation of.” The main thing 1441 did was say they were in violation of earlier resolutions.

Yes, I think Iraq was in violation of 1441.

Along with prior resolutions, it required Iraq to document what happened to all its WMD. It never did. Now, I seriously wonder if it would ever be possible for any country to document what happened to all its WMD. (Note, for example, that there’s a neighborhood in North West Washington, DC where WWI-era chemical weapons were buried, and their contents leaking into the soil – I seriously doubt that the Army documented the burying of CW in that neighborhood!)

Nonetheless, I think Saddam took it a step further by trying to screw with the UN weapons inspectors in a variety of ways.

Not that any of this made it okay for the US to go off on its own and start a war, of course.

I dunno. But does anyone else think it’s bizarre that at this point we’re still having to ask?