U.S. in Violation of U.N. Resolution?

Read this comic.

Here is part of U.N. Res 1441:

“10. Requests all Member States to give full support to UNMOVIC and the IAEA in the discharge of their mandates, including by providing any information related to prohibited programmes or other aspects of their mandates, including on Iraqi attempts since 1998 to acquire prohibited items, and by recommending sites to be inspected, persons to be interviewed, conditions of such interviews, and data to be collected, the results of which shall be reported to the Council by UNMOVIC and the IAEA;”

Is the monkey right? Were we required to hand that information off to the inspectors as soon as we knew about it?

Uh, sorry, but where does it say “as soon as we knew about it”? And why doesn’t the UN presentation itself fulfill the requirement of 1441?

And finally, do you have any information that suggests that Powell/the US did NOT already provide this same information?

“Requests” is not equal to “requires”.

U.S. co-operation with UNMOVIC is a hot potato in and of itself because Iraq wants the inspectors to be independent of the U.S., specifically with respect to sharing intelligence.

To follow up my own post, it seems like “requests” is exactly the word you would use when you want someone to do something but lack the requisite power to force them.

Looking over some other U.N. resolutions, they appear to “request” in regard to duties asked of the Secretary General and member states. OTOH, they seem to “direct” those who they actually have control over, such as the Exec Director of UNMOVIC.