Iraqi "Most Wanted" Cards

Has anyone purchased a set of Iraqi Most Wanted Cards?

I’ve recently noticed a lot of sites offering them, but they all seem sketchy.

More importantly has anyone ordered them in Canada?


I ordered from Great USA Flags and they claim to be the only ones autorized to sell the real thing.

It took about three weeks to get them up to Canada.

I ordered the two decks and a poster deal, thoroughly impressed.

I bought a pack last week at the book store. 10RMB. So that’s roughly US$1.20

I might buy them if they’d stop spamming me…

That depends on what you call the “real thing”. The US Defense Intelligence Agency originally made only 200 decks of the “real thing”, then 1700 decks on a different paper. Hundreds of thousands of knockoff decks have been sold by marketers who downloaded the PDF files from the DIA website and printed copies themselves.