Irish Dopers: Scannal! about urban legend.

Programme on earlier on RTÉ 1 about the case in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford in 1995 where a priest claimed from the pulpit that a young lady had infected at least 6 local men with AIDS and may have infected up to 80 more. It was amazing how credulous the media were initially even though the priest provided scant detail. It seems to have been a local and well publicised version of the AIDS Mary urban legend. Did any other Irish dopers see the programme?

Mustn’t have! :slight_smile:

It seems a bit like the Bulgaria/Libya AIDS crisis that has been recently resolved.

I didnt see the programme but I remember hearing the story around the time it happened I was only thirteen at the time and it was talked about at school everyone more or less figured it wasnt true or at least my classmates did
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The programme talked about the generation gap. The older people in the community believed what the priest said because he was the priest. The younger ones were more sceptical. I think the priest told the story as a morality lesson and didn’t think it would get further than his congregation but there happened to be a journalist from a newspaper in the congregation who took note of what the priest said.