Irish General Election

I got up early this morning to exercise my democratic privilege for the first time in Ireland. I gave my precious vote to[ol][]Tony Gregory (independent centre-left)[]Labour[]Greens[]Bertie Ahern (Taoiseach [Prime Minister])[]Some other Fianna Fáil gimp[]Jim Mitchell (Fine Gael)[]Sinn Féin[]Independent loser[]Another independent loser[]Hard-right nazi Catholic scum[/ol]I was concerned that the voting officers weren’t checking IDs. Anyone else want to reveal their innermost motivations? Or report their experiences?

I can’t believe we’re giving the vote to perfidious albions like yourself;). Welcome to democracy, Irish style. My ballot was cast this morning for…

  1. Labour
  2. Sinn Fein
  3. Fianna Fail (it killed me to do it)
  4. Another FF
  5. Independent
  6. Socialist Workers Party
  7. Green
  8. Fianna Fail (from the scumbag anti-immigration wing)
  9. Fine Gael
    10 Fine Gael

Overall I’d like to see a Labour/Fianna Fail coalition, although I’ve never previously given FF such high preferences. I’d like to see the show kept on the road without the pseudo-Thatcherite influence of the PDs (actually, it’s just struck me that it’s strange we don’t have a PD candidate in our constituency - we’re obviously not posh enough). Basically, Fine Gael in their current incarnation scare the hell out of me. In any case, my preferences after no. 1 are not likely to come into play as the Labour candidate, Derek McDowell, will be elected after three or four counts, with only a very small surplus.

I wont be voting as I don’t have the time. Course today and then flight to London for some fuckwits stag :wink:

So if you hear me moaning about the new Gov. tell me to shut up as I did vote [sub]just try it[/sub]

I don’t get it, guys. You’re supposed to form a Top Ten? What is this, Letterman-style Elections? :slight_smile:

manwithaplan, the UK has a quid pro quo ‘special arrangement’ with the Republic of Ireland re. voting - which is why I always said that rather than using the armalite, Republicans should just have used the ballot box - in the ‘enemy’s’ country…

I can guess that this is Aine Ni Chonail, leader of the Immigration Control Platform. I campaigned against her in her constituency. racist wacko bitch.
You didn’t have to give a preference past your first vote if you dont want to.

“And down two places from last week is Jim Mitchell, with ‘The Locomotion’…”

Twisty - do you not have to give subsequent preferences? Bollocks. Why don’t they tell you?? There were no instructions anywhere. That’s really annoying. They’re not very helpful to newbies, are they?

They opened the polling stations at 7.30 you know…

Bite me :smiley:

not very helpful at all.
I shall be voting Sinn Fein, Socialist Party, and then whatever independent I spoke to. I shall be watching the election results in the teachers club tomorrow with members of Anti Fascist Action.

OK, I don’t want to be inflammatory or anything… But why would someone want to vote for Sinn Fein, the vaguely constitutional facade of guys who accept drug money from Colombian terrorists in return for lessons on bomb-making and who have a track record of setting off bombs in NI and England in places full of civilians?

Sorry, but … words escape me. You vote for these people???

Hemlock, Sinn Fein is the political branch of the IRA, but it does not EQUAL the IRA. Over the last years, Sinn Fein have been involved in disarming that very same IRA.

I’ll leave it to you to prove an organised connection between the IRA and Colombian terrorists (guerrillas, actually) exists. Just because four Paddies and an ounce of Semtex were caught doesn’t mean it’s an organised situation.

I’d imagine the Irish vote for Sinn Fein mainly because of their views towards what they still consider English occupation of the Northern part of the Republic of Ireland.

You are being inflammatory. :wink:

AFAIK, Sinn Féin is the only political party that is striving for a United Ireland. Therefore if that is what a voter wants, this is the party to vote for.

IRA/FARC links notwithstanding nor proven, nor link between IRA, Columbia, and Sinn Féin, what better way to let the political wing of a formerly violent group know that you support their current policies than by voting for them?

It’s called the peace process.

  1. Tony Gregory (independent centre-left) vs. Labour 1 - 2
  2. Labour vs. Hard-right nazi Catholic scum 8 - 0
  3. Greens vs. Another independent loser 2 - 0
  4. Bertie Ahern (Taoiseach [Prime Minister]) vs. Sinn Féin 2 - 1
  5. Some other Fianna Fáil gimp vs. Hard-right nazi Catholic scum 4 - 0
  6. Jim Mitchell (Fine Gael) vs. Jim Mitchell (Fine Gael) void
  7. Sinn Féin vs. Tony Gregory 0 - 0
  8. Independent loser vs. Labour 1 - 2
  9. Another independent loser vs. Bertie Ahern (Taoiseach [Prime Minister]) 0 - 3
  10. Hard-right nazi Catholic scum vs. Greens 0 - 6

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Hey, I’ve got an idea…

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Let me clarify. Sinn Fein != IRA. And there is nothing “vaugely constitutional” about it.

Would you vote for any of the British parties that held government, that gave the green light to the treatment of Northern Irish Catholics as second class citizens?

Would you vote for any of the Governments in the US that have aided terrorists when it suited them, especially the far right paramilitaries in Columbia?

Please do not jump to assumptions about situations that go a lot deeper than face value.

Also in the South Sein Fein TD’s(MP’s) are seen as a valid left wing option (wait till Balor reads that :wink: ). They canvas on local issues and tend to stand in working class areas.

As I’ve already said I wont be voting today but if I was Sein Fein, Tony Gregory and Labour would get my preferences.

Sinn Féin Manifesto 2002

I haven’t voted yet but It’ll be like this

1 Paul Gogarty (Green)
2 Joanna Tuffy (Labour)
3 Mary Harney (PD)
4 Austin Currie (fine Gael)
5 Guy from Sinn Fein

I think I’ll stop there

The reasoning is as follows

I support the Greens
I hate the Two Fianna Fail candidates - one’s a two faced shitlicker and the other is a wanker, so The rest of my vote is designed to try to keep the second Fianna Fail candidate from getting in.
It works like this
I hope Gogarty will get elected. If he does my vote will be all but over. But if he isn’t, when he is eliminated, the rest of my preferences will go to people who will be on about the same number of votes as the FF guy and this might just keep him out.

Fingers crossed

brief hijack - when I looked at this thread title, if was right under WEIRDDAVE’s ENORMOUS PENIS thread - I could have sworn it was about “Irish General Erections”.

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Carry on.