Iron Man 2 trailer up on


I loved Iron Man. I know The Dark Knight gets all the credit for best superhero movie, but Iron Man is up there too. They had completely different tones, but that’s part of Iron Man’s charm. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. And besides, how can you not just LOVE Robert Downy, Jr as Tony Stark?

There’s not much to go on in this trailer, since it’s just a teaser, but we get Mickey Rourke as whiplash (I’m guessing he was some big-shot engineer at Stark Industries and got forced out by Tony, hence the grudge and know-how about how to make an arc reactor,) Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, and Don Cheadle (instead of Terrance Howard) as Jim Rhodes/War Machine.

Is it May yet?!

Previous thread we had recently.

And I am uberstoked about this movie.

Son of a…