Ironman II and Avengers movies slated

Per this I saw on Yahoo, Favreau and Downey have agreed to terms

I like Cheadle, but don’t see why they need to have him replace Howard. Both are good actors. Cheadle tends to do more intense roles, while Howard tends to play more subdued. But subdued seems to balance against Downey’s Tony Stark better. I admit, I never really followed these comics, but did like Ironman

Don Cheadle playing James Rhodes is a problem. It will created confusion when he portrays the Black Panther in the Avengers movies.

Because Cheadle must play T’Challa. He just has to. He’s perfect for the part.

Don’t you think he’s a little spindly for that? I was thinking more like Will Smith or something.

Interesting points. We need to discuss who will play the Avenger roles. Looks like maybe Ed Norton, Jr as the Hulk. Who plays Captain America and Thor? Which other Avengers are in – you’ve got to figure at least one female – and who is out?

from a Wikipedia article about the Ultimates. Since Nick Fury is introduced after the credits in Ironman, you have to figure this might be the scenario that they explore for the initial movie.

Will Smith??? No, no, no, no, NO!!!

First off, Cheadle isn’t spindly, not in the least. In fact, that’s precisely why he’s perfect for the role - he’s muscular, yet in a lean, sinewy, feline, pantherlike way. The Black Panther isn’t merely a muscle man, he’s agile and dextrous.

Will Smith is Stallone-style buff. That’s wrong for the Panther. Additionally, while Smith is a highly charismatic movie star, he’s not a particularly good actor. That is, he really can only play one part - that of a hip, urbane, irreverent, street-smart American tough guy. He’s good at playing that character type, but that’s the extent of his range. Cheadle would be much more capable of depicting the nobility and reserved demeanor of a central African prince.

Will Smith as the Panther would be “Halle-Berry-as-Storm” bad.

I still think he’s spindly.

How about Djimon Hounsou? He’s got the physique and the acting chops. Is it okay if he has an African accent?

The problem with Will Smith as the Black Panther is it would be Will Smith as the Black Panther. I really am not a fan of highly established, famous actors taking on likewise established roles. Downey jr. worked because while he’s famous, he’s not so much a brand name unto himself. Also I don’t know a massive amount about the BP, but from what I do know Smith really doesn’t seem like the right guy for the role.

So who’s going to be Cap?

I like Cheadle… but I have a really hard time seeing him as Rhodey.

Same here. Partly because Terrence Howard set the tone for Rhodey in the first movie, and Cheadle is nothing like Howard, but even without that context I have a hard time seeing Cheadle as an American military officer.

If you Google “Rumors Captain America Casting” you get:

Will Smith
Leonardo DiCaprio
Matthew McConaghey
and some guy named Scott Speedman (I looked him up in IMDB, and I’ve seen some things he’s been in, but don’t really remember him).

I don’t like the first three on the list, just because if enough big star ego folks get involved, I think it could kill the movie. Speedman seems to be English then Canadian, so I’m not wild about him as Captain America.

If there is no God, Nicholas Cage.

If there is, Vin Diesel.

There already was an movie about The Avengers but it was TERRIBLE. I stick to the TV series: Mrs Peel was hot.

Oh, wait, you mean the OTHER “Avengers.” Pah, comic book stuff.

Angelina Jolie as the Scarlet Witch.

Do I have to make the obvious joke about her brother playing Quicksilver, or was it implied?

Actually I think Alexander Skaarsgard would be the best Captain America.

Will Smith is a fine actor, but I just don’t see him having the regal bearing needed to play T’Challa.

As for Leo as Steve Rogers… PTUI!

Hell yes. His performance and presence in Generation Kill sold me on that.

I submit Idris Elba (of The Wire) for Black Panther.

He’s Swedish. That’s like having an American play Harry Potter. Let him be Thor.

Swedish or not, he’d be best for the role. Thor should be bigger…some professional wrestler maybe, 6 foot 6 or so, 250lbs.