IRS Admits its site is NOT SECURE!

This just in: the IRS (which has been urging Americans to file electronically) has admitted that its website is not secure. Hackers can easily gain access to your tax records, SS number and details of your personal life! Once someone has your SS number, you are open to identity theft-someone can open bank accounts, credi cards, etc. in your name, and make your life a living hell! Plus, “identity theft” is not a crime in many states, and cleaning up your trashed credit rating after someone has mangled it is a real hassle!
I wonder if the IRS can be held criminally liable? Play it safe-file the old fashioned way-use snail mail!

Like to read more. Cite, please.

This is in the mainstream news - try CNN



Given that none of the other sites which accidently made personal data, including credit card numbers, available faced criminal sanctions, I’d have to WAG that the IRS would similarly not be liable – especially since there seems not to be a documented instance of someone actually doing it.

Is there are real General Question here, or do you just want to rant again?