Is 11 years in jail for fraud common?

This seems really high to me, considering that violent criminals sometimes get less than 11 years. Granted this guy had 23 counts and what he did was really bad but 11 is still high to me for a non-violent crime.

He sold “gluten free” bread that wasn’t gluten free, to people with gluten intolerance (or allergies or whatever) and they got sick. I think poisoning people is antisocial enough to justify that amount of time behind bars. If one of his victims had gone into anaphylactic shock and died as a consequence he most certainly would be facing even more severe penalties.

There’s no question here… but I’d differ with your assertion that these were non-violent crimes. Each count was prompted by a person who got sick because of the products he sold, including one woman who went into premature labor.

He was convicted of 23 counts, which comes out to roughly 5.5 months per count. The presumptive sentence for a class H felony is North Carolina (assuming he had no prior convictions) is 5-6 months.

ETA: I clicked through to another article about the case from the same newspaper’s website. This guy did have previous convictions: