Is $62.3 billion to much to hand to FEMA?

Some of the “No” votes on this recent aid package think this is too much money to throw blindly at FEMA, and I agree. Thats over 100K for each citizen of Louisiana and Mississippi. Yes I know its not given to each person, I just used that as a measure. Thats on top of the record amounts of charity coming in. This is for all rebuilding and clean-up. With more coming if needed.
Yes this tragedy is unprecedented, but it seems to be a bit much like political grandstanding by throwing out these huge sums before the damage is even calculated. How much is insurance going to cover, how much is charity going to give in the way of homes, and help.
Right now it seems like they just want to throw money at it to hide the incompetence in preparing for it. This is the same FEMA that is currently being accused of paying for funerals not hurricane related last year.

Or maybe I am just being cynical, but it doesn’t seem like we should just open the pocket books and let FEMA reach in and grab.

Hopefully a sizeable chunk of that money will be used to remove debris, repair the infrastructure, and most importantly, shore up New Orleans’ levees against a Category 5 hurricane, if that’s possible.

Oh I agree 100% in that if money is needed to be spent, by all means spend it. I am asking if handing off a basically a huge chunk to an agency that is currently under fire for misappropriating funds is right.
I seen where 2 billion for rebuilding homes was already contracted out. That seems so premature as to wonder if that was a bidded contract or a quickie friend owned construction company owner experience.
I want oversite on this money, and I am afraid we will only have hindsight.