Is a "head rush" like being high?

I’ve never done drugs before but I’ve had my fair share of head-rushes. Are they similar to some types of narcotics. If so, which ones? Not that I’m going to try but I’ve always wondered and well this seems like the place to ask.

No, a head rush is nothing like being high. It might be similar to a cigarette buzz, though.

Since you have had no drug experience, it would be very difficult to describe them.
Could you describe what an orgasm feels like to somebody who has never had one? All you could really say is “It feels good,” or “I saw stars,” or whatever, but it’s still too vague and probably confusing to the listener.
I mean, to try to describe an LSD experience would be pointless without a reference point. Watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

I’m assuming that by “narcotics” you mean all mind-altering drugs, not just the ones with narcotic effects (e.g. opium).

My experiences with salvia (which is legal) have been similar to head rushes - kind of dizzy and disorienting. And I’ve had some similar symptoms from marijuana, but they were very rare and not very pleasant (accompanied by ringing ears and a pounding heart).

However, you can’t really compare mind-altering drugs with a head rush. A head rush is mostly a physical sensation, but drugs affect your senses and the way you think.

Man, if it were, I think you’d get sick of it pretty quickly. Its not an intense physical feeling like a head rush-type of thing would, more a mild physical feeling and a distinct mental feeling.


Among other things, the “high” generated by one drug may have very little in common with the “high” caused by another. Getting stoned on marijuana is not an experience that would let you know what tripping on LSD is like, and neither would familiarize you with what heroin users experience, and smoking the crack pipe is yet another excursion and so forth.

Therefore, if you want a legal equiv, try alcohol. It has about as much in common with the others mentioned above as they have with each other, give or take a similarity or difference here & there.