Is a lemonade and vodka really just. . . a Lemonade and Vodka?

That actually rings a bell, now that you mention it.

I do like Pink Panty Pulldown though.

I’ve read all of your good comments/suggestions. In the late 60’s, the name of this cocktail was YELLOW FEVER.

It’s a Vodka Cranberry gone horribly wrong.

I’ve heard that. Sometimes Lemon Screwdriver, which is more of a description than a well known name. Mostly just plain old Vodka and Lemonade. That one rolls off the tongue well as opposed to the discordant phrase Vodka and Orange Juice which clearly needed a better name.

They say the recipe for lemonade and vodka is lemonade and vodka. I tried to make it at home. There’s more to it than that - Mitch Hedberg

Try vodka with melon flavored powerade. Thats good too.

Vodka sour.

I tried a “Smirnoff Ice Original” today. It is supposed to be a pre-mixed vodka-lemonade. The main ingredients are carbonated water, vodka (1/8 of the drink), and sugar. It was sort of OK chilled, but I did not care for all the sugar.

FYI the description on the bottle is “vodka mixed with the classic taste of lemon”

Add melon balls, and you have a “Slap-a-Da-Balls.”