Is a limp a turn-off?

I just had a really fascinating conversation with a friend of mine (ok, a work-friend.) He is generally attractive and funny, but he was complaining that many women will not date him because he has a noticable limp due to an accident a few years back. So, would this be a problem for you? Why, or why not?

That depends. A limp* what*? :dubious:

Sorry, had to be said.

I don’t find a limp a turn off. If they have a great personailty and are friendly and kind, it doesn’t matter if they were in a full body cast. Or a wheelchair, for that matter.

It’s not a limp, it’s a sexy wiggle. Its all in the attitude.

I don’t think a limp is a turn-off at all. Hugh Laurie’s character on House has a pronounced limp, and he uses a cane to ambulate. Dr. House can limp over to my house any old time. What a hottie.

I wouldn’t have a problem with a limp. I once worked with a guy who had lost his foot in an accident and he walked with a limp. He kept asking me out, but I turned him down because, good God, was he boring! I hope he didn’t think it was because of the limp.

Nope, not an issue.

It wouldn’t matter to me. The women who don’t want to go out with him because he limps are probably shallow and not worth dating, anyway.

I trashed my ankle a handful of years back and walked with a limp and a cane for about a year.

It didn’t seem to bother the girls I talked with. If anything it was an ice breaker.

I married a man with a significant limp - so draw your own conclusion.

Many many years ago I saw a Turkish film where a bloke on a train was very attracted to a very plain looking woman because she had a limp. They got off the train and had some very rough sex in what looked like a good yard. At the time I thought the film was telling me that (some/many/no) Turkish men find women with limps attractive. That can’t be right, surely?

I can’t imagine why a limp would be a turn-off. /shrug

Maybe he is more insecure about the limp than he realises, maybe he doesn’t like the image it projects and is on the defensive if people mention it … after all he had two good legs for most of his life and the accident was only a few years ago, these things do take time to get used to. (I have a noticeable scar running across my left forearm and I was sensitive about it for -ooh I’d say a good ten years after the accident!)

Maybe the girls just don’t fancy him and he prefers to blame it on his limp rather than consider anyhting else ?

After the male underwear thread, it wouldn’t suprise that there were women that shallow.

Well, alrighty then, I believe we have concensus. Thank you all.

A friend of a friend was walking his dog one day as a teenager. The dog ran across his path, he tripped over the dog and broke his hip. Back in that day and age, this meant bad things, structurally; one leg ended up shorter than the other and he had to walk with a cane.

When he got to college, he got tired of telling people he tripped over his dog, so he would tell them instead that he got attacked by a sow. He used this to identify the city kids vs. farm kids:

Nigel: “I got attacked by a sow.”
City Kid: “Hyuck hyuck… you got attacked by a pig!”


Nigel: “I got attacked by a sow.”
Farm kid: “WOW!!! You survived???

re: the OP. Assuming everything else looks to be in good shape, I find canes to be kind of sexy on a lady. Go figure.

Fuckin’ well told!

All single people have some characteristic or other that puts them at a disadvantage in the dating world when compared to other people. Someone may be short or fat or stupid or mean or dull or ugly or shy or bald or old, etc. None of us is perfect. And for some members of the opposite sex, those characteristics ARE turnoffs.

The key is not to let that characteristic, whatever it is, obsess you. Rather, concentrate on those characteristics for which you have the advantage over other single people. Because all single people also have a charateristic like that as well.

The point is that some people will be attracted to you and some won’t be, so you just have to live your life revelling in your good qualities until you find someone who appreciates those qualities.


And then to my house. Rawwwwwwwr!

If I see a guy with a limp I tend to think they injured themselves while traipsing through the Amazon looking for lost fortunes and stolen Aztec Gold. It lends a rosier image than car accident-football injury-tripped over dog story.

Beside, those that have injuries like that tend to be more understanding of human frailities. JMHO.

A turn off? naaah… if hes the one, or turns everything else on, then a limp wouldnt worry me at all…more reason to rub a hand on his leg?? :smiley:

:slight_smile: One winter, in order to keep food on the table, I had to take some work in a farrowing barn. I supposed to be doing things like building shelves, framing, and minor repairs, but every so often I got stuck helping the workers there. One day I was helping herd pregnant sows to their farrowing crates when one suddenly turns on me and gets her snout under my knees and throws me about 5 feet in the air (I weighed about 225 lbs at this point) and then she ran off. Those animals are strong.