Is a link in my profile homepage advertising?

I just spent the better part of the morning searching the board for information, but nothing I’ve found seems to specifically answer my query.

I work in e-commerce. I work for a couple different websites (owned by the same company), but there is one that is mine in that I designed the site and basically run it (still owned by said company). Proud of my webdesign ability, and full of the desire to get some sales, I put the url in my profile.

It wasn’t until I noticed I was actually getting hits from the SDMB that I began to question myself.

Granted I never mentioned the link, or pointed it out in particular (it has been removed until I find out if it’s okay or not). Now in this thread about advertising, the issue does not seem to be completly addressed. It mentions advertising links in signatures is frowned upon. Arnold suggests putting a personal homepage in your profile, which is what I did. Is it still advertising though?

Another factor that comes into play, is that although my webstore is not extremely explicit, the items for sale are intended for adults (I don’t think a child could afford them anyway). There are absolutely no explicit implications in anything on the site. In many ways, I am selling classy pieces of art.

So should I leave the link out of my profile? Or once this thread dies (so as not to be considered advertising), would it be acceptable to put it back, as long as it is not specifically brought to anyone’s attention?

You’re hardly alone on this. I can think of at least one user who has a link to their homepage both in their signature and in the www box, and sells merchandise from their homepage. As far as I know, they’ve had it like that for some time.

I’m not a mod, though, so this is not official. Among other things, others who do this may have special arrangements.