Is a microscope kit a good gift for a Toys For Tots drive?

I’m going to a Christmas party where a donation of a toy for Toys for Tots will be taken up.

I picked up a nice microscope set, but thought later that while some kids would really like it, others probably wouldn’t. Do they match the kids’ interests with the toys, or do they just hand them out by age and gender?

Should I go pick up an action figure set instead?

(As an aside, the quality of toys available at good prices is amazing these days)

I loved my microscope. Not only was I able to view the slides which came with it, I now had a legitimate excuse for bug hunting!

Who knows, you may be providing a gift which proves to be the scientific impetus for the next Lous Pasteur?

Even if toys aren’t matched with interests, the child may NOT KNOW he/she’s intersted until after he/she’s received it.

Wrap it, deliver it, rest easy.

It’s perfectly fine. I’m a girl and I had a little Fisher Price “science kit” as a kid and I carried it everywhere. I’ll never forget looking at my fingertip with the microscope.

Someone somewhere will be absolutely thrilled with that gift. Trust me.

I think they do try to match up the gift with what the kids want as much as possible. I think a microscope kit would be an awesome gift.

Got a microscope when I was 10. It supplied many hours of entertainment, looking at anything small was great fun, especially various body secretions. One bright spring day my friend and I discovered the mirror on the microscope and the sun could shine a bright light at various items, including the eyes of people driving down the road. We flashed a neighbor and he took the microscope and told me to send my parents to his house to get the microscope back. I was afraid of getting in trouble so I never told them and I never saw my microscope again. If a kid has half the fun I had with mine, it wall make a great gift.

I think it is a great idea. I have donated for years and am told that one of the problems they have is getting toys for older kids. This works for many ages.

I think that’s a great gift! I would have loved a microscope kit when I was younger. Just think – some child might end up becoming a scientist because of you. :slight_smile: