Is a Moderator allowed to attack a poster like this?

And yet there are Mods who refrain from personal attacks in the Pit, so they are not impossible to find.

And, unfortunately, we’re not able to put any posters on ignore.:wink:

Except that none of those moderators are willing to moderate the Pit, which was Miller’s point.

Hey everybody, it looks like we found our new Pit Mode.

Mods can’t put regular posters on Ignore. Regular posters can’t put Mods on ignore. Can Mods put other Mods on Ignore?

Apparently not. I’m destined to continue to see IvoryTowerDenizen’s posts, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

Someone talking in here? Hmmmm.

So, has a mod ever pitted a mod?

Are Mods allowed to date each other?

Only if they use one of these is that allowed.

Asimovian and Miller keep it up and we’ll see.


I take it the winner strips the loser of his/her jackboots as a trophy? :wink:

With their teeth.

That’s nothing. I was once at a forum where a moderator had edited my post to make it look like I was saying something else which was against the rules, then another moderator banned me for a few days. lol
Seriously though, stop caring what others say, either you agree or don’t but never, ever let words bother you.

Mods aren’t allowed to Pit anyone. (That is, start a Pit thread about another poster. We can participate in ones that already exist.)

Making Pit threads that aren’t about members of these boards is okay, though.

Mods have had public fights, but not for years. The two that come to mind (and I’m not taking any sides) are:


The Jillgat/Melin one was from like 2001 and the Euty/Dex one was maybe a couple years later so it hasn’t happened for a while.

So, technically, a Mod can ban someone, then start a Pit thread about what an asshat they were! :slight_smile:

I feel like you guys really want to see a mod fight!

In truth, we’re generally very collegial. It’s an era of good feelings.

There was this huge mod fight in the Pit, made by another mod (Cajun Man) against an admin (Dex), does that count? It was between all of the main mods and admins at the time…

…made on April 1st.

I think that pretty much goes without saying. We were just trying to figure out the right forum and the ground rules.