Is acute self limiting rhinitis a thing?

This has never happened to me before. Tuesday morning I began sneezing. And sneezing. And sneezing some more. I was blowing my nose in between bouts of sneezing. It felt like I had the worst cold ever. Unrelenting running nose and sneezing. I opened a new box of Kleenex and went through the entire box in a few hours.

This went on from 9 am until 1 pm. Then it just stopped. Boom.

I thought it was the beginning of a rhinovirus type thing and assumed a cough or sore throat would follow, but nope, not a single problem since.

I have no history of allergies.

Anyone else have something like this happen?

Yes, but then I do have a history of allergies, although mostly food or contact allergies, not rhinitis.

Were your eyes running too? That’s my other symptom when this happens.

Nope, no watery eyes.

Maybe you had something lodged in your nose or sinus passages, and eventually dislodged it?

If so, that’s a first for me. Bleeech.

That’s my guess too. Something got in, that your body wanted out.

So it got it out.

Not ew, Yay! It’s gone!

The bluebird of happiness…? Perhaps?

Yeah, that’s what sneezing is for, dude.

I haven’t had any coke in 15 years or so, so no…


But I’m imagining what “it” could have been. An itsy-bitsy spider?

It sounds a lot like one of my allergy attacks. I don’t usually get watery eyes, just sneezing and runny nose. Note that just because you have no history of allergies, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop them. I have some allergies to things that I was not allergic to earlier in my life. If it happens again, you might try popping a couple Benadryl and see if that helps.

Heh. I rarely use drugs in a non-recreational manner.


Seriously could’ve been a tiny piece of a dust molecule. Have you been cleaning the house or dusting?

Whoa Nellie. Science. A molecule is a fundamental unit. A tiny piece of a molecule?


If I’d been cleaning the house or dusting my gf would have called 911 fearing a stroke, or maybe rabies virus.

For me, this is exactly what happened when I realized I developed allergies. But it was day after day of morning to about noonish sneezing, then nothing. I was twenty at the time, with no allergy experiences previous. It was when I moved to Scotland, though, so probably was exposed to new fanged things in the air. I now get it every once and again.

I have sort of had something like that happen. Not quite that brief, and not quite that without other symptoms, but I have had a scratchy throat one day, that I don’t even really notice except upon refection, badly stuffy/runny nose the next, that tapers into a cough from post-nasal drip by the evening, and lots of throat clearing and a little coughing the next day, but that’s it. On the day with the runny nose, I usually feel run-down, but depending on what I have to get done, can power through with caffeine. I don’t if I can avoid it, though, because I am probably contagious.

That is how colds manifest in me since I had my tonsils and adenoids out. Before that, they were usually miserable, 10-day ordeals that usually involved my ears being stopped up for a couple of days, and even fevers above 100’F.

I realize you would have mentioned it if something dramatic like a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy had that happened to you, but still, I’m mentioning this because it is possible for cold viruses to go through you very quickly. Just because it isn’t typical, doesn’t mean that it can’t happen; you may have gotten something you were partially immune to, somehow, so you mounted a defense more quickly and effectively than you would to an unfamiliar strain, but not as well as you would to something you were fully immune to. Maybe it was something you had a really long time ago and either your immunity had faded a little, or the virus had mutated just a little.

The idea that you had something lodged up there is probably more likely, but I’m just putting this out there as another possibility.

Then, in regard to allergies, there are some things that can come in a high enough dose that even non-allergic people will react. Maybe you were exposed to a really high level of something. Or maybe you are allergic to something, and were just exposed for the first time. Did you do anything new, or go any place you’ve never been before? Change any brands of soaps or detergents? Eat anything new to your diet?

FWIW, you can have a rhinitis reaction to a non-inhalant. It’s less common, but it happens.

Yeah, sometimes I get a hydrogen atom up my nose and I sneeze for hours until I can get rid of it.

I knew someone would nit-pick my ‘piece of a molecule’ as soon as I posted it. I meant a particle or a bit of something.
ETA maybe an actual ‘nit’…ew!

Possibly. Last weekend I helped a friend treat his flock of 12 hens for mites/lice. There definitely were lice present (lice are species specific).

I was careful to change my clothes so I wouldn’t introduce lice to our hens, but you never know, I guess.

Sorry for the molecule correction, but hey, science!

ETA: I guess allergy is a possibility, but no exposure to anything crazy. Will wait and see if it recurs…

I have my tonsils, adenoids, appendix, everything but my gallbladder.:slight_smile:

Oh, chicken feathers! I could see breathing in a tiny piece of downy feather. That would make me sneeze. I kinda want to sneeze just thinking about it.
(I didn’t take offense at your nit-pick, I knew better)