We've Got The Crud: Coughing, Runny Nose, Sore Throat

Both my SO and I have it.
We are debating who brought it into the house first, but the sad fact is that millions of chickens have had to die to keep us stocked up on chicken soup and thousands of trees had to be killed to keep those tissues available for the non-stop sneezes and honks of stuffy noses.
The good news is that I now have an earache in one ear and can’t hear him snoring as much.
The first three days were the worst.
Some symptoms:

  • When your coughing is so fierce that you set off the car alarm.
  • When you get whiplash from sneezes.
  • When you breathe, people assume Luke Skywalker is your son.
  • When you put every blanket in the house on your bed, and still feel the need to wear socks.


That’s not the Crud, that’s the CRUNST!

You have my sympathies. I’m suffering from the crud myself, and wish I worked someplace where they didn’t want you to come to work when you’re sick and risk infecting the entire office.

Three quarters of my household are currently in mid-crud. I’m one of them.

Hey, I have it too. Picked it up on a 5 hour bus trip on Friday, just in time for the long weekend!

I’m recovering from the crud. My boyfriend managed to NOT get it, so he would laugh at me when I tried to threaten him in my crackling, dying voice. Grrr.

It will get better. Can we recycle tissues full of snot?

Working on week 4 here, and starting to feel human. I’ve been leading another life thanks to Alka Seltzer Cold PLUS. I’ve felt a bit like a secret agent at times.

The lovely Ms. Kuboydal has been spared the funk, but I keep meeting people across town who seemed to have gotten ill on the same day as me. The Alka Seltzer induced haze leads me to think of conspiracies. Perhaps you were part of the second wave, the one with the improved bug.

Sneezing. What sort of six-year-old virus causes sneezing? I shook it off in 72 hours. Made me sleep all day like a cat too.

No fun. Here is a wish for a quick recovery.