"Is air really feces? Should we hate it?"

How does some of that stuff get into Great Debates, and why do they actually get responses? Does every single thing have to be questioned in the most ridiculous way possible? I know there was a thread that revealed that the SDMB can’t agree on anything, but can’t, for one, we assume some sort of ground to stand on? If this sounds too vague, I’m talking about how the dumbest ideas are too often validated here and IRL these days by genuine discussion.

I know you are being rather vague to make a point, but can you give an example of a current GD thread you think is particularly inane?

Recall that your self-evident beliefs aren’t self-evident to everyone else on the planet.

(Of course, when you see the umpteenth thread on 0.999… = 1, you begin to get a tiny bit annoyed. :smack: )

Really! Like that guy that compared fast food restaurants to stores selling furniture with death-spikes in it. How stupid was that?




Very good, QED. Very good.


It seems to me that if you are not “known” on this board you either get no replys regardless the topic or one or two of the “veterans” show up long enough to make some derisive comment or criticism about a typo.

There is no “Fighting Ignorance” on this board.
Ignorance is a lack of Information. Fighting ignorance entails dissemination of Information. All that goes on in GD is dissemination of opinion AND people stand on their opinions like some predator guarding its kill (y’know, growling, snarling, pissing and eventually screming that theirs is the ONLY correct opinion).

All this Left vs Right scrapping is so pathetic and counterproductive. Look at the US political system; think of a split congress. The people who relate “left” refuse to agree with anyone on the right on because they’re “on the right”. The converse is also true.

It is impossible to combat Ignorance without compromise.
As my English Professor always said, “Ignorance I can cure, but stupidity is forever!”

Bullshit. When I was new, all my threads got interesting replies. I’m still not all that known around here, but whenever I post something interesting, I get answers. If your threads get no replies, they were probably daft to start with.

Bullshit. Ignorance is eradicated on an hourly basis. No matter what your question is, someone here knows the answer and can back it up.

The rest of your post deals with Great Debates. Of course there is a dissemination of opinion there, mouthbreather. What do you think a “debate” is?

Oh, forgive me. My mistakes. I made a generalized statement about the Board and had meant it to be OT about GD. I’d taken the professed mission of the board (fighting ignorance) for granted when viewing GD and mentally assigned the image of discussing topics with things like compromise, seeing anothers POV, and, oh yeah, understanding.

My apology.

Helpful, of course in this discovery of error in assumption were things like,

**If your threads get no replies, they were probably daft to start with.

Of course there is a dissemination of opinion there, mouthbreather. What do you think a “debate” is? **

Who pissed in your cheerios this morning. I know we’re in the pit and all, but some fucking civility would be a tinnsy bit helpful you worthless sack of shit.


You’re overgeneralizing, although it IS a space for things that are pretty unresolvable. There is information given out, compromise reached, etc. The debate doesn’t end with everybody agreeing, but smaller groups of posters do sometimes reach an understanding.

Often true, although sometimes daft threds live on as pile-ons.

Priceguy is right, your complaint was silly. The main page says clearly that that forum that was created specifically “For long-running discussions of the great questions of our time.” What exactly are you expecting in there?

To get back to the OP: pizzabrat, what the flying fuck are you blathering about?

Who pissed in your cheerios this morning. I know we’re in the pit and all, but some fucking civility would be a tinnsy bit helpful you worthless sack of shit.


How cute. It’s trying to compete.

Man, that’s the second time I’ve done that lately. Ignore the last few lines of my post, they were from Yissnakk. I wasn’t responding but forgot to delete them. I may have to pit myself if I keep doing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, getting back to the OP, no, air is not feces, although there is almost certainly some fecal matter suspended in the air of the OP’s water closet. So, yes, we should hate it anyway.

Next question.

Jesus fuck, pizzabrat. Would it kill you to post a link or copy and paste some thread titles to support your argument?

If you’re referring to the thread to which I think you’re referring (and I think you are–Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome ), my first response was visceral, much like yours. I wondered to myself how it was possible for people with multiple degrees to be so mind-numbingly stupid. As I started to compose my reply, which initially involved dismissing it, but only after bashing the Dr. and tearing her theory to shreds, I decided it would be smart to see if I even understood what she was trying to say and her agenda, assuming she had one.

When I discussed it with my husband this morning, we both decided it was bunk and, quite frankly, rather insulting.

My congratulations to the OP on a deeply thought, tightly woven, and coherently presented argument which is sure to provoke intense, yet reasonable discussion from those on all sides of this important issue.

Or, in other words, what the fuck are you talking about?

Got the irony here, but keep in mind that you are a newcomer onto the board and are coming in swinging. Those of us who stick around do so because our experience of these boards is NOT like yours, and your criticisms are rude, ill-considered, and ignorant.

If you’re finding that you don’t get good responses to your OPs, you may want to consider how you phrase them. If you’ll link to an OP that you consider unfairly treated, I’ll tell you how it comes across to this Doper.

But don’t come in here after a couple of weeks and tell us how we’re really not fighing ignorance: that’s as ignorant as it is uncivil.


When an OP with a fucking stoopid premise gets alot of attention, you tend to want to start more. Does this surprise anybody? :rolleyes:

Is air really feces? Should we hate it?

Depends on who’s doing the talking. Fred Phelps is a good example. Everytime that man opens his mouth he spews out a mouth full of shit. In his case, air really is feces. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if that were true, the converse definitely isn’t. I’ve been around for quite some time and racked quite a few posts, but my threads routinely and quickly die out for lack of interest, with only one breaking the elusive two-page mark.

Fortunately, though, I don’t whine about it.

Well, that’s just because no one like you, Bryan.


Let me just echo another “Bravo!” your way… :stuck_out_tongue: