Is Alice's Restaurant a tradition for your Thanksgiving?

It came around again on the guitar, this morning, and we sung it when it did.

I’d say you’re the CO-OP, buddy. You beat me by two minutes but I put up the now-lost poll.

And if it makes you feel any better, my father-in-law is in town and I still had a bunch of work-related disaster mitigation to deal with so I didn’t listen to it until just a little while ago. But the only way I won’t listen to the song is if I’m dead or in a coma. Still, I’ll make a special effort to listen to it at noon on the local radio station next year. It’s like I said a few years ago, it’s the fact that I can depend on Arlo at noon that makes today different from any other day now that my family has fragmented and we don’t do holidays together anymore.

Well, kid, have ya rehabilitated yourself?

I forgot about the poll. Sounds like you’ve been busy this year but if you got to hear the song, then all is well. :blush: