Is Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half doing okay? [update: she's back!]

I love the webcomic/blog Hyperbole and a Half; if you haven’t seen it, go give it a look. The most recent post was a fairly long one about Allie having and dealing with depression; it ended on a slightly hopeful note, but the site hasn’t been updated since that post. That was October 27 of last year, and I’m wondering how she’s been doing since then. If she doesn’t want to update the site anymore, I understand, but I’m a little concerned, since her last post was about having pretty bad depression. Anyone have details on if she’s doing okay?

I did a search and came up with this article:

which links to this post: which was posted a couple months ago. Based on that, she says she’s still fighting depression, but ok.

She posted on Reddit a couple of months ago.

Basically the answer is: She’s not entirely OK, but she’s getting better.

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I’ve wondered this as well. I’m glad to hear she’s ok. Good thread

“I can make food! I’m magic!”

Greatest series of comics ever.

Glad to hear she’s doing ok. Depression sucks.

Thanks for this thread, I’ve been worrying on her. I love her comics.

Funny this thread came along. I just discovered her a few days ago. The depression comic/post was the first one I read. I’m going back now and reading her whole blog. She’s pretty awesome.

I’m a fan of Hyperbole and a Half, and I’d be willing to donate money on her behalf, but I don’t know the person raising the money and I don’t see any way to guarantee that it would actually go to Allie Brosh. If that concern could be addressed, I’d support the campaign and I suspect others would, too.

This person has been spamming various forums and message boards, and is no way affiliated with Allie, nor is this approved by Allie. Beware.

Besides, she needs psych services, not a vacation.

As someone who’s suffered from depression before, I’ll add my non-professional opinion that a vacation isn’t going to fix anything. It’s not like she doesn’t feel appreciated in her life, having lots of rabid fans and all.

Indeed. I fail to see how throwing money at her problem would make it better, even if were legit, which it appears it’s not.

That does seem to be the case, so I’ve banned SanJoseJA and removed the IndieGogo link he or she posted.

She hasn’t updated her blogs much for the past year, but that is at least partly explained because she’s working on a book, due this fall I think. I’ll definitely be supporting her to the tune of buying the book, and maybe a few extra copies as gifts. I also convinced another board I’m on to auto-link “alot” to The Alot is Better Than You at Everything. Maybe we could do that here? It supports Allie and helps fight ignorance at the same time!

I lovelove this idea. It’s already auto-linked in my head whenever someone uses “alot” in email or text message anyway. :wink:

She’s doing alot better than she was.

It’s sad to read about someone who is funny, talented, smart, with so many people who support and appreciate her writing, struggling with depression. (She’s also attractive, but that is less here or there.) Depression can happen to anyone. She has made us almost pee ourselves laughing–one of my favorite posts was the one about when they moved with the dogs, and the one was fine but the other…not so much. The drawings were perfection. I hope she comes out of it. I hope she knows she is missed.


I wonder if her ADHD turned out to be like mine was: not real, but instead an indication of something else.

Best pain chart ever.