Is any one else getting spam emails from the White House. I'm serious.

I keep getting them on my email I use for financial transactions and other stuff. It’s just so shockingly unwelcome.

It is possible these are from regular spammers spoofing the address, rather than being personal communications from Messers Obama and Trump.

Have Ivanka’s prices come down any?

I did get spam emails to an address I created when I submitted online comment to the White House.

That spam was from the Obama campaign. I was disappointed, but not surprised.

Do they say things like “you should lose the mustache”, and “stop watching so much reality TV” and “do you really need another copy of Catcher In The Rye?” If so, then I’d worry.

I have been getting them, as well. They have been automatically routed to my Spam folder where I just delete them, so I haven’t examined them too closely. I can’t say if they’re legit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cory Gardner’s office put me on the mailing list just because they’re so happy at hearing from me.

If it goes to the Spam folder automatically, I’d guess they were probably spoofed. That is one of the things spam protections detects. Spoofing is 99.999% spam.

They wouldn’t want to put it in Spam if there were people legitimately subscribing to these emails.

I still haven’t gotten a dick pic from that Anthony Weiner guy. Nearly everyone else has. :frowning:

As yet another sign that my eyesight and reading ability are going to hell, I swear I thought the thread title was “is anyone else getting spam emails from the White House dog? I’m serious.”

And as more evidence of my irreparable ennui, this happened yesterday and I didn’t read the thread until now.

Makes one feel for those FBI fellows tasked with looking through his ex-wife’s email stash in re Hillary’s Hilarious Capers — 650k of them.
Rather like Russell in Rules of Engagement going through old man porn.
look “ow” look away. — look “ow” look away. — look “ow” look away etc…

That’s horribly offensive and I am a terrible person for bursting into hysterical laughter over it.

What do you actually mean by “spam”? If it’s ads for novelty kitchen appliances and all-natural sexual enhancements, that’s weird. If it’s politicians explaining their positions and asking for money to stave off the apocalyptic scenario of their party losing an election, what did you expect when you gave them your e-mail address?

I sent one email to the White House just this year, using a one-off email address.
For the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been receiving mail from at my regular email address.

One was “President Trump’s Weekly Address”, another was “The “Affordable” Care Act is Unaffordable”, and others like that.

All spam, as far as I’m concerned, and definitely unwanted.

Also upsetting that they knew my real email address!

Which, presumably, they didn’t get from the e-mail you sent them from a different address.

I did sign my real name on the email I sent to the WH…just strange that no mail went to the one and done address (gmail, not hotmail), and instead ended up at my real email.

Maybe they’re not connected. Or maybe the white house is selling or giving email addresses to spammers.