Is Anybody Closing In On Wilt Chamberlain's Record?

Who holds the world’s record for having the greatest number of sexual partners? Who are in the top 10 of this list??

Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with 20,000 women. Has anyone else surpassed the five figure mark?


I’m fairly certain that is a huge exageration. Let’s do some number crunching:

Odds are, he started “racking them up” as a pro. He started his pro career in 1958. Now, assuming he was sexually active until he died in 1999, that’s 41 years.

20,000 women over 41 years (rounded to 40 to make the math easier) gives you 500 women a year. That averages to over one woman a night. Seeing that he had to be traveling and actually playing basketball on some of those nights, I can’t forsee him accomplishing this feat, especially when you consider that he probably was not in his sexual prime for all of those 40 years.

I agree it must be an exaggeration, especially since it involves being with more than one woman on many nights, and never or almost never being with the same woman more than once. I’m just wondering whether any of his team mates have offered either corroboration or counter evidence: e.g., “Oh yeah, Ol’ Wilt used to pick them up two or three at a time and take them back to his room,” or “I hung out with Wilt, and he didn’t have time to do what he claimed.”

If I could get some sort of sponsorship, I’d be willing to take a crack at the record. You listening Trojan?

I thought Gene Simmons was up there too. Now, a rock star I could see but not a basketball player.

OMG…My first thought was that you meant Richard Simmons. hehehe…

The claim comes from Chamberlian’s 1991 autobiography “A View From Above”. The number of twenty thousand is an estimate, he explains: “That equals out to having sex with 1.2 women a day, every day, since I was fifteen years old.” Chamberlain was 55 when the book came out and died eight years later.

Whether his number is accurate or not, who knows, but that chapter offers anecdotal evidence in the form of some colorful stories.

I’m sure Hugh Hefner’s in the running, but he’s not the braggart that Simmons and Chamberlain are (were?).

Dictators who have harems are probably pretty high on that list too. And 1.2 women a day isn’t really unrealistic, young men are known to masturbate 2-4x a day so sleeping with one woman a day on average isn’t unrealistic. Plus if someone has a taste for foursomes that counts as 3 women at once. So 20,000 isn’t unrealistic if someone is a sex addict, has access to women and likes multiple partners at the same time and does this for decades on end. 20,000 might be low actually in that case.

Ha! I’m looking to aproach the figure 5.

I kid, I kid. Saying any more seems like bragging.

I wouldn’t question Chamberlain’s ability to have sex with someone (and often enough several someones) every night. What I find unlikely is that it would be different women each and every night, with almost no repeats. For much of his career, Chamberlain would have been restricted to a circuit of a relatively small number of cities for much of the year. Even in a large city, the number of sports groupies is not infinite. And even sports groupies must often have some aspirations of ending up as a girlfriend or even a wife, rather than a one-night stand. Once Chamberlain made it obvious his policy was love-em-and-leave-em, he probably would have been the most-sought-after partner.

would not have been the most-sought-after partner.

But that anecdotal evidence is worth precisely nothing.

I could tell you some colorful stories about my past, but it would in no way prove that i had 20,000 sexual partners.

I had dinner with Mr. Chamberlin once (Los Angeles, Ca. mid 1990’s Border Grill on Melrose) he did not sleep with either my date, or her friend (me being a man, he did not offer to sleep sleep with me -phew). So that’s one night (at least from 8:00 pm until about 11:30 pm) that I can personally account for.

I hope that helps.

Is this list excluding adult actors? If it isn’t I’d say that a lot of them would be up there high on the list, probably at the top.

Is there any objective reason at all to regard this Chamberlain fellow as holding any record other than the one for being the most boastful?

I highly doubt any adult actors would be anywhere near 20,000

Not that ol Wilt truely was either.

Why on earth did I think the OP meant the 100 points in a game record.
…wait a second… nope that record is set for a looooong time to come.

Oh great, and a Pun on top of that!

It’s certainly possible, though. Obviously you or I couldn’t do it, but consider:

  1. Chamberlain was a professional athlete and presumably could score at will, and I don’t mean on the court,
  2. Chamberlain, being an elite athlete and a man or unusual physical dimensions, may well have had an extraordinarily high sex drive.
  3. Some people are just obsessed with sex and will have it as often as possible.

Babe Ruth, it is said, would nail two or three hookers a night or would screw the same hooker five times or more. Pro athletes sometimes have multiple girlfriends in every city they visit; I’ve heard several accounts of cases where a pro athlete started a fight at an airport when two girlfriends, or a girlfriend and a spouse, both showed up to pick them up. Pro football players have been known to run team whorehouses and join sex clubs so they could have constant access to loose women.

It’s not out of the question that Chamberlain could average more than one woman a day. If he’s willing to go out and party hearty three, four nights a week, why not? I THINK he was bullshitting, too, but I admit it’s possible.

If Wilt really did have sex with that many women, I bet he holds another record as well, most penicillin shots in a career.