Is Anybody Here Living The Good Life?

Is there anyone here on this message board whose lives are actually working out WELL for them?

I’ve been reading here for about 4 months and it seems like all I see is people complaining about their problems- for the most part. Complaining about their jobs, their relationships, their in-laws, their co-workers, their husbands, you name it. I also see a lot of threads about medical problems, money problems, house problems, car problems, etc. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this- and I’m just as guilty of this as anyone.

Who here has their lives in order? Your job is good, your relationships are good, your career is good. And how come you never post about how great life is?

Is it because people only post on message boards BECAUSE their lives aren’t going well? Meaning, if their lives were going well they would be too busy enjoying it to have time to post here. What’s the deal?

Well, I got very very mad about something having to do with my job this week, but for the most part I am satisfied with my job. I hate certain aspects of my dissertation, but that’s almost over. I like our condo, I love my husband, my kid is great. I get paid okay; my husband isn’t working much now but that’s mostly his choice. Our debts aren’t oppressive. We can afford to buy books. So yeah, we’re living the good life.

I think the reason we don’t hear this much on the SDMB is that it’s partly a modesty thing–it would seem like bragging to talk about how great one’s life is. I realize that’s a bit perverse–we ought to be telling people to celebrate what’s good. We could use a little more optimism. But that’s not so common. Kvetching, on the other hand, is something that seems to build solidarity among people. And there is humor in complaining (at least the way it’s done around here) that isn’t as easily achieved when one is writing about happy stuff.

Who wants to read good news? It’s bad news that sells, in newspapers or on message boards. However…

I have more money coming in than going out. I have a nice investment portfolio.

I own my own home, no mortgage left, and it’s in a very central location.

My work is creative and takes up relatively little time, and I work pretty independently - no budgets, personnel BS or anything.

I’m in good health.

Got some great friends.

Never married, so no burdens on that front. (Some would argue I’m missing something profound here, but I can’t say I notice.)

The only downer: I don’t see my parents very often, and they’re getting very old.

Can’t complain! I think I’m in the top 5% of the population in terms of having a pleasant life.

There seems to be a spate of weddings, births and the such that goes by all the time in MPSIMS.

Personally, my life’s pretty cool. The only thing I can really complain about is my current location. But I always worry that if you don’t complain a bit then god or Oral Roberts or whoever is in charge will call you home.

You want to complain? Look at these shoes, I’ve only had them three weeks and the heels have worn clean through.

I have no complaints but that is probably due to lowered expectations.

I take it for granted that the world is not really fit for human habitation, although I also think that is momentarily, rather than intrinsically so. The world is out of whack, things are in transition, and we (to use the famous Chinese curse-phrase) live in “interesting times”.

I have a niche for the moment and I’m safe and secure (as much as one can be in a social hurricane) and I’ve retired from trying to play an active role in determining the future because I do not have much talent for playing to the crowd, and despite my rather self-important notion that I pretty much know what we the species human oughta understand and/or do to get through the transition quickly and comfortably, there is no one to deliver my version of The Answers to unless I garner attention by becoming a successful huckster, and as I said I just don’t have the gift.

The understandings help a lot for helping me understand the world around me, though, even if I can’t share them very effectively with others.

For those who wish a clue, consider that we did a handful of hundreds of thousands of years doing hunter-gatherer, then roughly 9000 years ago started doing agriculture and settling down and cities and much more rigid social control, and now we are on the descending (and in some ways crashing, a la surfer combers) cusp of a wave that has transformed us from agricultural to post-agricultural. Agricultural era was rigid and we still have atherosclerotic social tendencies that make us slower to change than we might otherwise be, but the rules and roles and patterns that got us through the previous 9K will not and are not serving us very efficiently now. The old life of family and community-of-birth is not with us and we have not built a new community; the old world of stable and limited professions that contributed to a simple and uncomplicated system of needs and activities has given way to …

oh yeah, sorry. As I said, I’m not good at this and your eyes are glazing over, aren’t they?


I’m working. All of the debts are paid off. I ate dinner tonight (Chicken Whopper from BK). Got all my stuff to the CPA in time. The shop says they can have my car out by tomorrow night, in time for me to try and make the Austin BatDopeFest this weekend.

I’m still barely on time with producing output on projects for my boss. I think that’s the way it’ll stay until time freezes or I croak (guess which comes first).

Sheesh! Whaddyah want? No, I haven’t won the lottery, but I am doing much better than I did in prior years. And that’s the result of all that went on in those prior years. So, no, I don’t have quite the drama going on in my life that some of our posters do, and that I did at a younger stage.

Yeah, if you can last long enough without a flameout, it gets better.

"Is Anybody Here Living The Good Life?"

Hell yeah. Every day’s a holiday, every meal’s a goddam banquet…:smiley:

All I do is watch movies all day in my classes, in which I am doing more than excellent in. I get three day weekends every week. I eat fine food and drink decent wine. I live in one of the greatest places on Earth in an awesome house and my personal relationships are more wonderful than I could have ever imagined they’d be.

But I am still so depressed that I can’t put on mascera in the mornings because I know that at some point in the day I’m going to cry.

Go figure.

Life is pretty good for me.

Just reached the halfway mark in my college course, getting good, if not great grades(B as a worse case Scenario).

No personal problems to speak of (though any problems I did seem rather insignifigent compared to those some of my friends and friends of the family have).

One of my friends recently moved to Japan and has been out of contact since he left (though we talked so much he got on my nerves at times) Another is across the country in Penn., but we still get to talk fairly often. So not a lot of hanging out with friends, but I didn’t do that much when they were around. ( I know someone’s gonna say how sad that is).

My Job ends in 2 days, but all my debts are paid off, I have a decent stock of cash to live off of until I can find a new job, and the fact I resigned doesn’t make that seem like a bad thing (Why? Look for a better job and other things(get some REST)). I don’t have a family(ain’t looking forward to having one either), or a lot of bills, so it’s not a big finicial issue.

In a couple days I’ll be able to fully devote my time and energy to catching up on numerous other projects that I have so far been unable to complete due to the lack of time/energy.

I guess many people may not consider these to be good things, but I’m satisfied with my life thus far, which is more then a lot of people I know can say.


Life sucks.

Actually it could go either way right now. In the coming weeks I anticipate a lot of improvements in my life.

crosses fingers

I cannot find a job but things will improve I am sure.

Life sux

Lessee here, let me tally things up.

Student loan: will be paid off in June
Motorcycle License: Go for test on Thursday
Vacation: about to book tickets to Montreal for June. Good chance can get free airfare.
Family: Cousin getting married in August. Will get invite.
Parents: Will see in June, in montreal.
Friends: Two about to move to Texas, but others invited me for dinner tomorrow and brunch Sunday.
Health: Biked to work two days this week, lifted weights yesterday, will train on Dragonboat tomorrow.
Work: Had city mayor call me unprofessional. Co-workers cheered.
Wife: sick with flu

All in all, I’d say I’m doing pretty good. Yah Me!

shrug Well I’m not ecstatic, but I am pretty content :slight_smile: . Debt, but nothing unmanageable or extraordinary ( car, a bit of old credit card stuff that is slowly declining ). Low stress, stable, at least partially recession-proof job, with decent pay ( even by local standards ), very good benefits and no requirement of long hours. Minimal personal drama ( that’s mostly good, but not always :wink: ). Passable health ( could be better, but nothing crippling ). Good friends, though I don’t get to see them in person as much as I would like ( odd work schedule and I’ve lost a few locals to the economy, as they’ve had to move elsewhere in the last year ). No enemies, at work or at home and I seem to get along with most folks ( always have, really ). A reasonable number of possesions and toys. Plenty of hobbies and interests. I generally don’t have to worry much about spending money.

All in all, I can’t say I’ve been particularly stressed for any extended period of time, in, oh, say the last 10 or 12 years ( since I went through my last moody period in my early twenties ). Ah, California - Land of the Lotus Eaters :smiley: .

Life is pretty good, overall :slight_smile: .

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Yeah, life’s fine here too. In less than a month, I start FSO (Foreign Service Officer) training, which means:

I get to serve in a different Embassy of Consulate every three years or so, with Uncle Sammy picking up the tab to move me and my junk

I get paid living expenses (rent, utilities, basic subsistence, post differential, etc.)

I get diplomatic immunity from prosecution (Black passport, bay-bee!)

And I get to serve my country, of which I’m proud. The USGov’t salary and thirty-five days of paid leave my first year help, too.

I’m happily married to my best friend in the world, we eat well, have enough disposable income to get a little silly sometimes. The car runs well and is mostly paid off. Student loans and credit cards will be taken care of in the next five years. I’m happy, well-fed and healthy, as are my loved ones. Oh, and my (twin)brother is getting married in August.

In Vegas.

I think I’m living a fantastic life.

Don’t get me wrong- I have some problems, the main one being a chronic pain issue that greatly affects my life. However:

I am happily married. My husband loves and respects me and I love and respect him back. I enjoy my job and my coworkers. My husband loves his job (professional musician) and is happier then a pig in shit. I do crafts and sell them in my free time, which I enjoy. I have loads of free time for reading, movies, friends, etc. I have all the stuff I need in life (and way more) and have enough money to pay the bills with some left over for fun. I have friends of the closest kind that I love and cherish. I do what I want with whomever I want whenever I want.

There are things I wish I could change, but cannot, but for the most part I think I’m living the good life. Sometimes you don’t hear about it on the boards because there is a tendency for others to see your good fortune/life as an insult to them- like you’re rubbing it in their faces when you talk about it. But since you asked, yeah- life is great and sometimes I feel guilty for being so happy when others are so miserable. But that’s the life I’ve made and I’m happily reaping what I’ve sown.


Frankly, I take advantage of the boards to whine and complain - figuring if you’re not interested, you’ll not read. I purge, and I’m not necessarily boring someone to tears. Sometimes, the act of typing out my woes seems to lessen them.

Plus it’s easier to be a smart-ass about whiny things, so I chose to go with the easy way.

In general, in my life, there’s more good than bad, but no one wants to hear again about my Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] and her exemplary achievements or my lovely garden or the superb meal I made.

Like I care what anyone thinks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why yes, I am living The Good Life, as a matter of fact! My life kicks ass, if you ask ME. However, I guess “the good life” is like beauty–it all depends upon who needs glasses (or something like that).

My brother used to call me “The Happy Child”, because, well… I am happy (and apparently always have been). This has A LOT to do with the love, luxuries, and privileges (how the hell do you spell that??) I’ve had in my life but also, I think, has something to do with how I view my life. Basically, I never, ever stop being grateful, never stop realizing how lucky I am.

Some folks would call me delusional; some have, in fact, called me delusional, and have worked their unhappy, self-loathing little asses off to try and convince me that I’m in deep denial about how much my life sucks (gotta love friends like that… :rolleyes: ).

But I don’t pretend that I haven’t had shit to deal with… I just try to stay on the positive side of the shit (upwind, if you will).

And so far it’s working. :slight_smile:

No complaints here.:slight_smile:

Well, okay…I do have an ingrown toenail right now that’s kind of annoying. Other than that, it’s all good.