Is anyone actually running out of gmail space?

Inspired by this article: Free Up Space in Gmail by Backing Up Everything First

Is there anyone who’s seriously running out of space in their gmail account? I mean, I send and receive a lot of email, and my current account turns five on April 4th - but I’m still at only 29%. At this rate, I might need to worry in ten years. Possibly. Unless Google increases the rate at which it adds space to free accounts - which, given ever-dropping storage costs, is a very real possibility.

That’s about 29 times what I use. I’ve actually been wondering if there’s a way to take advantage of the extra space.

I never delete -anything- and I don’t appear to be in any danger of running out any time soon.

Nope. I am currently using 864 MB (11%) of 7434 MB. I rarely delete anything.

I started using Gmail a little over 2 years ago.

You are currently using 929 MB (12%) of your 7435 MB.

7.4 Gigabytes is a lot of room if your email doesn’t contain gigantic attachments.
I have a ten Mb limit on my primary email account (corporate) per email.
Given that, I doubt that my corporate account backup files and current email exceeds 3 Gigs and I have been using it steadily for more than 7 years.

I’m using 3% of mine and I’ve had the account for almost 5 years. They increase the size of my available storage way faster than I add to it.

There’s a Firefox extension called Gspace that lets you use it for file storage. Of course you could just e-mail files to yourself, but this extension makes it a bit more convenient.

You are currently using 83 MB (1%) of your 7435 MB.

I send about 60 emails daily.

Also, I have 5 gmail accounts (the one above is my primary one). I don’t see why anyone would ever run out.

I’ve had my gmail account for 4 years and I’m at 15% but I delete most of the emails I get so it wouldn’t surprise me that I could be up close to 50% if I let it all accumulate.

Not even close.

I’m at 6% and have had my account for 6 years.

So far I’m the highest user, with 36% (2684 MB). But I use it for remote auxiliary storage for files, and I have big files.

How long have you had the account?

15 percent.

My dad. He’s only had his address for about 2 1/2 years (since October 2007), but he recently filled up all his space. He and his friends pass around those emails with big attachments, like “look at this slideshow of the flowers of Japan!” and whatnot. For some reason, his email program wasn’t deleting them properly, and his mailbox filled up.

We discovered it about a month ago, when his friends and my brother complained that new emails they sent to him were bouncing back. “Could my inbox be full?” he asked me. Surely not, I thought, but when I logged into the web interface, sure enough: 7.9 GB used.

I have two different gmail accounts: one as a work backup and work blog contact, and one personal.

Personal: You are currently using 73 MB (0%) of your 7435 MB.
Work backup: You are currently using 0 MB (0%) of your 7435 MB.

No danger at all. :slight_smile:

371 MB (4%), account opened in October 2004. Didn’t really use it much until summer '06.

For what it’s worth, my personal Gmail account is at 49% capacity now (3659 MB used). I’ve had the account since September 2004. I do use Gspace, but that accounts for only a couple hundred MB.

I am currently using “546 MB (7%) of your 7433 MB”, and I’ve had the account since October 2004. I never delete anything, apart from clearing out the spam folder.

If they keep up increasing the limit at their current rate I suspect I will expire before my available space does.