Is anyone here a practitioner of rootwork, Hoodoo, Chaos, or another strong magical tradition?

I have a question which so far my research has been unable to answer. It’s pretty important.

Let me know, thaks!

On this board?

Hey, if Wicca counts we do have a few.

I think we’ve also had some Thelemites.

Define practicioner. One of my jobs is psychic adviser (i.e. fortunetelling). I use tradiational Roma divination practices (and lots of common sense) to achieve these performances. Sometimes this is done as a purely entertainment act and is no different from a magic show or a routine at a comedy club. Some people sincerely believe. When those people come to me asking for advice. I help them.

Okay, well, here’s the deal: within the context of magical theory, mirrors have certain functions and significance. Generally speaking, one of the primary uses of a mirror is to defleact negative energy or attacks.

However, say a mirror has been used as an offesive weapon instead. This is not entirely unprecedented. Someone imprints their negative intentions into a decorative mirror of some kind, then gives it as a gift to the intended target.

The mirror has been in the target’s home, and just to be clear, has defiitely reflected the target’s face. (within the context of theory, this “sets the trap.”)

How then does one proceed in order to deactivate or uncross the mirror? My first thought was simply to break it; but now I’m not sure.

Please everybody, if I had wanted to argue about whether or not “woo woo stuff” is silly, I would have put this in GD. I am hoping for a genuine answer.

My answer depends on the religious background of the target. If you can share is this person some variety of Christian (if so Protestant, Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox), or some other religious belief?

No. Aimist/ Stregheria.

My wife has the power of witchcraft. For instance, if we go on a trip she can say “I hope nothing happens to the car!”, and sure enough we’ll end up on the side of the road. I can say those same words and nothing will happen, so it must be an innate power.

Well, obviously, TriPolar, the car is doing it for attention.

Whoops. Just noticed my typo in post #8. That’s “animist.”

If your friend came to me with this problem. I would recommend the following. Pass the mirror over a flame, preferably one from a wood fire or made by candles that are some sort of all natural material, and then smash it to pieces. If the mirror is in a frame take it out of the frame, only the mirror glass needs to be destroyed, but get a hammer or something hard and smash it into dust as small of pieces as possible. Collect all the pieces . If you have easy access to the ocean toss the lot of it into the sea. If not, heavily salt the smashed pieces and throw them somewhere waste water and filth are collected. They could even be flushed down the toilet. The combination of salt and filth should be enough to pin any evil forces and demolish them.

Mirrors are portals, so not good or bad in themselves.

The intention placed on this object and the connection that we all have with each other does matter however, along with the spiritual power structure between given and recipient in the structure of the belief system of both and to the degree that one is submitted to the other.

I could give very definite instructions on how to deactivate this ‘curse’ but that said the relationship and memory of the offending person should be ‘cut off’ and or diminished as much as possible and that would be the best way to go about it. Ideally total apathy towards this person, and this person rarely come to mind.

If salt and filth are all that’s required, eat a bag of potato chips and take a shit on the mirror.

Then spin three times, jump up and click your heels, sing a Broadway show tune (ideally one from West Side Story, but not strictly necessary), then wiggle your fingers (ominously) at a dog.

Chaos is a strong magical tradition? I thought it was just a formal term for my thinking. There should be a way to cash in on this, like ZPG Zealot’s grift. :wink:

Not allowed to do magic outside of Hogwarts, sorry.

This thread is staring into the “fighting ignorance” mirror, and everything is reversed.

You’re starting with a fictional premise to begin with. There is no possible “genuine” answer. This is like asking for “a genuine answer” as to whether a bunch of water pixies could win in a fight against the Hulk if they all ganged up on him.

I could say “Let a unicorn fart on it” and it’d be just as accurate as ZPG or Kanicbird’s answer. Moreso in fact, because everyone knows that unicorn farts can break any enchantment. Finding the unicorn is an exercise left for the student.

Also, you neglected to tell us what the curse of the magic mirror does. Does it just do nebulous twaddle like “bad energy” or “negative vibrations” or is it a real evil spell that actually does something like turning the victim into a radish?

Not an answer to the OP’s question (not that I think it’s answerable in any meaningful way) but I just wanted to say that I love the name brujaja. Excellent macaronic punnage.

There might be a canonical answer to it, like if any comic book ever depicted the Hulk fighting a water pixie, or fighting anything that had ever fought a water pixie. But obviously with no canon material there’s not much to go on here.

I would ask the OP… if you get a lot of sincere-sounding replies, how will you discern which one you should try? Once you’ve chosen an approach, how will you know it worked? Does it actually matter to you if it works or not, or is this just a fun thing to talk about?