Is anyone here tired of Trump and McConnell?

Trump and Mitch McConnell, I cannot stand.

I want to see them defeated and destroyed in November 2020, but the candidates that the Democrats put up, are they up to the task?

Joe Biden is 77 years old, had a brain issue in 1988 and stutters when he talks. He is made fun of online and in the media.

Amy McGrath is a failed Democratic House candidate who has a inspiring story, a former Marine, but lost a winnable KY-06 race to a generic Republican, Andy Barr.

McConnell is slime, sewage personified.

Is anyone here tired of seeing those two men?

I read a lot of posts in the Politics and Elections forum here and I can’t recall a single post saying a bad word about either Trump or McConnell.

Why do I have the feeling that there’s a “but” coming here?

Ah, there it is.

Your choices are: Biden or Trump.


Is anyone here NOT tired of Trump and McConnell? I’m thinking of moving to Kentucky just so I can vote AGAINST McConnell.

@ the OP: If you read around in this message board you’ll find about 30,000 posts indicating dissatisfaction with Trump or McConnell, yes…

Joe Biden has had a stutter since he was a child. What specifically about a stutter do you find to be indicative of poor leadership/intelligence/cognition? I’m very eager to hear your well-formulated answer.

Someone has a future in push polling…

I am voting for Biden in November, but I hope he picks a good VP.

Warren is the only one who can push him to the finish line. He can’t pick an identity politics-driven VP because he would lose.

I hear this often but challenge anyone to listen to Biden speak off the cuff for 30 minutes vs. Trump doing the same. Biden will stay on point, be clear and articulate and every few minutes you would be able to briefly summarize what he said.
Trump on the other hand can’t seem to finish a though before veering off in some other direction. I could hardly bear to listen to his Tulsa speech since it took him over 10 minutes to try to explain that he walked slowly down a ramp because his arm was tired from saluting West Point graduates.

Pretty sure you have to be an American to vote in November.


Yeah, I was with you til you crapped on Biden for his LIFELONG stutter. You weakened your argument when you stooped to that.

McConnel is Trumps painting in the attic.

Warren is very smart and capable. I would not object to Warren.

However, if he were to pick one of the two other likely candidates like Harris or Rice, what would be your objection? Are they any less qualified or capable than Warren because they are not white? Do you think Republicans will beat a path to Biden’s door if he picks the white lady?

I donated to McGrath’s campaign even though I don’t live in Kentucky. Did you Yankees_1996_Champs? If not, why not? If your feelings are so strong why simply mouth off on a message board rather than help defeat people you “can’t stand”?


Warren’s a great campaigner and a super pick, but we can’t afford to lose the Senate seat.

Harris is probably the most capable but not a good campaigner.

Rice is the best pick

I’m very happy that this was the first answer in the thread.

Rice has Benghazi. Hillary lost because of that as well. Warren’s seat will go to Gabriel Gomez, and Gomez will keep that seat because Ayanna Pressley can’t win outside of Boston.

I don’t like McConnell. Hes odious. A tough Kentucky Democrat with a vicious personality should have challenges him.