Is Anyone On TV Spoofing The Obamas Yet?

I mean we had jokes about GW Bush, we had jokes about Clinton (he was a comic’s dream) and Reagan and Nixon and Ford etc

Now I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore, or at least new TV, so I could simply be missing a lot

So are there shows spoofing them or mocking them.

I don’t mean to turn this into a political thing, because it doesn’t matter who is president or what party they’re from someone makes fun of them.

Since I don’t watch TV enough are they doing spoofs of him?

If so, which shows and the like

Saturday Night Live does something about him almost every (if not every) week.

Go here to see Obama clips from SNL, The Onion News Network and Barely Political on

The Daily Show pokes fun at him sometimes, using the meme that he’s The Second Coming. More often tho if they’re poking at a Democrat it’s either Liberman or the Democrats in general and the fact that they’re such pussies.

Saturday Night Live has spoofed him pretty often.

I’d suspected The Cleveland Show was going to do that, they pretty much say as much in the pilot, “We’ve got a new black friend … Well, we’ve got a black President, maybe we can talk to him about that.” Thing is, I think Fox wants to appear edgy, without being edgy, and won’t let Seth McFarlane do it. Not that I really expect something really edgy.

I don’t know if The Boondocks is working on something for it’s adult swim show. I’ve been missing the newspaper cartoons lately, is Arron McGruder talking about Obama?

I wondered what The Chappelle Show would have done to satirize a black president. I wonder if Dave Chappelle is kicking himself for ending the show … or relieved that he’s not on the spot, for racial satire on someone who’s so well liked.

I remember, years ago, some famous Washington Post editorial cartoonist said, he couldn’t satirize Kennedy, there was nothing to work with … until the Bay of Pigs, and then he was relentless. Maybe Obama hasn’t done anything bad enough yet? What can you satirize … health care reform pushing it’s way through congress, winning the Nobel Peace prize, having a pleasant family…?

Why would it necessarily be “racial”?

As for “so well liked”, latest Gallup poll (Dec. 14) has 49% disapproving of his job performance; no modern president has polled lower within the first year. And 42% don’t like him as a person either.

I was hoping for this too, but the Cleveland show…Well that’s been covered in another thread :slight_smile:

That’s like comedians with the Clintons, let’s face it whether you liked or hated Bill and Hillary they sure gave us 8 years of material

Both SNL and TDS have been going after Obama with an increasing ferocity recently. Most of it has to with his turning out to be an ineffectual leader who naively thinks he if he dilutes his agenda and moves to the center, he can get the backing of the more “moderate” Republicans (all two of them).

Also, I haven’t seen TDS use the “Second Coming” meme lately. However, if they do bring it back, they’ll probably be along the lines of Obama being the “Second Coming” of … Jimmy Carter (especially if the economy is slow to recover or tanks again).

There are the parodies of Obama on the cartoon program SuperNews! on the Current TV channel. Here’s one:

Obama has been the subject of spoofs, but compared to most presidents going back to Kennedy, he’s gotten off relatively easy so far.

Wanda did a brief spoof last Saturday, I think it was.