Is anyone playing Evony?

I saw an ad for it on Facebook and it seems interesting.

You liked the boobies, did you?

“Grope now, my lord!”

Ah, yes, the boobilicious game - obviously they are making NO effort to cultivate female players.


And the irony, of course, is that there is no queen.

I was playing. Like most games like this, it’s fun till you get big enough to be noticed by the giant alliances, then you get raped to death.

Isn’t that the one that was created by a WoW goldseller company?

This does not bode well.

…does Twickster play this thing?

No … no, she doesn’t.

She will, however, move this thread to the Game Room for you.

twickster, Cafe Society mod

You just got off light, dude.

Isamu wasn’t impressed.

It does not bode well indeed.
So that’s what a goldseller is.