Is auto-bump considered bad form?

By “auto-bump” I do not mean playing bumper cars at the amusement park. I mean bumping your own post back up to the top after everyone else has avoided answering your GQ.

Er, well, i’ve never been chastized for it, but then, I more or less wait for it to leave the “two day” mark (default forum view) and then give myself one bump…

I suppose it is something that shouldn’t be encouraged, but on the other hand, if it is a question that really does have a factual answer, er, well, better than asking twice, I suppose.

What else is a body supposed to do when you’re dying to get your question answered and the neglect forces you to beg? At least an honest auto-bump is better than a sock puppet, yes?

Bumpety bump:)

I was taught that good form is to bump as follows:


It doesn’t bother me if you bump your thread once, provided it has already fallen off the first page, or is about to. What bugs me is people who bump their threads after thirty minutes and people who bump their threads repeatedly. You can follow the same rules to bump a thread you’re interested in but didn’t start.

What bibliophage said. You should also read the latest entry in the “Guidelines for posting” FAQ (a sticky thread in ATMB.)

I find it tacky and self-important to just say “bump.” I find it better to add a second post with more content such as a clarification or more info. It serves the same puprose and also avoids the three or four people posting “what does “bump” mean?” after or starting entire threads with the title “BUMP?!?!”