Is bringing your girlfriend back from the dead ever a good idea? (SPOILERS aplenty!)


After seeing Land of the Dead, I was inspired to rent a few other zombie movies, some of which I’d seen before, some of which were new to me.

One of them, Return of the Living Dead 3, involves a distraught young man who deliberately turns his girlfriend into a zombie. Now, she’s played by Melinda Clarke, so the impulse is understandable, but of course things really don’t go well. Turns out she wants to eat the brains of the living, and that puts a serious cramp on their relationship.

Which got me to thinking, it would’ve been kind of cool if, for once, bringing a girlfriend back from the dead had worked out, because it really never does.

Re-Animator? It’s not spelled out, but none of the other resurrections go well. Beyond Re-Animator? It’s spelled out, and it does not go well. (I don’t remember Bride of Re-Animator, but I’m guessing it’s the same deal.)

Pet Sematary? It’s strongly implied that it doesn’t go well. Resurrecting your toddler goes very very badly, and the final scene with the wife isn’t promising. Granted, neither is technically a girlfriend, but the principle is the same.

All the way back to Orpheus, reviving dead girlfriends is a one-way ticket to havocsville.

Anyone know of any exceptions?



That’s why you’ve…got to let me eat your brains!

The only example I can think of is a videogame, Shadow Hearts 2, where the attempt fails but it provides inspiration for the main character to track down the bad guy.

Try Cemetary Man. It has undead zombies, one of which is Anna Falchi, nude quite a bit.

Poor Dr. Phibes could never catch a break – but the last movie (never made) was supposed to see him happily reunited with his wife, IIRC.

It worked out OK for Superman in Superman 2.

Assuming there was a relationship between Gwen DeMarco and Jason Nesmith, it worked out in Galaxy Quest.

Westley was broght back in The Princess Bride, though not by Buttercup.

Morpheus brought back Nada in Sandman, though the relationship was ended.

Yeah, but he was only mostly dead ;j :stuck_out_tongue: ;j

could be worse… you could turn your deceased girlfreind into a Robot Zombie

oh, and just to get the inevitable out of the way…

Band Name!

(sits back and waits for the inevitable Sealab 2021 reference…)

Frankenhooker, anyone?

Oh, wait, you said examples of when it actually went well…


Three words: “‘Darling,’ it said.”

(True, that was a wife and not a GF, but I think my point still stands.)

Rick Jones got his dead wife Marlo revived during Peter David’s run on Incredible Hulk, and from all indications, it was good.

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Damn! Someone beat me to Frankenhooker.

Actually, all things considered, that one turned out pretty OK in the end. Granted, there were a few complications, but nothing a few corrections to the procedure as a whole couldn’t have fixed. (For starters, locks on doors and freezers, a few straps on operating tables, etc. Not to mention the obvious problem in aquiring “materials.”) But hey, rooting out the bugs is what the testing process is for. :smiley:

A few more movies, in the same vein, if it’s of any interest. (And at least one successful girlfriend ressurection, in the OP, to boot.)

Actually, bringing anyone back from the dead usally turns out to be a bad idea, except when you chain them up in the shed out back and let them play video games…

Don’t know if they “lived happily ever after,” but it was displayed as a happy ending in The Golden Child when Eddy Murphy resurrected his gal.

If you want another example where it’s a Bad Idea to resurrect your girlfriend, try Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend. It’s a wonderfully awful movie that I showed at one of my Bad Film Festivals.

If you want another example where it’s a Bad Idea to resurrect your girlfriend, try Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend. It’s a wonderfully awful movie that I showed at one of my Bad Film Festivals.
The end of the book (I’m not sure about the movie) by Stephen King, Pet Sematary, too.

Well, Kirk brought Spock back in Star Trek 3. That turned out Ok.


Evie got brought back from the dead in The Mummy Returns, and that seemed to turn out OK. (Except for the utter ridiculousness of the movie in general.)


You are so going to hell. And I’m coming with you.