Is Buckner going over the edge?

What’s up with lockingthis GD thread?

Nobody had added anything in more than a day, and the reason you implied:

seems pretty lame for a thread that had already gotten 46 replies and over 1400 views.

How did locking down Antiochus end up receiving a higher priority than say shutting an inflammatory thread started by a banned troll?

I think it was more a “catching up with the paperwork” sort of situation. I started a thread that I didn’t realize was discussing an illegal subject (mixtapes - unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted work), was informed of my error, and asked to have it closed. It took a few days for it to get locked, by which time the thread had more or less died anyway. Someone probably reported the thread when it started, and MEBuckner just didn’t get around to it (perhaps because of the bannings and whatnot) until now.

Besides, the inflammatory threads are the fun ones!

Forgive me if Im wrong, I dont think Ive ever even posted in GD, but isnt one of the rules there, when you open a new topic, you have to describe what it is your debating, and then give your opinion on it? The OP didnt, and so like Buckner said, thats why it was locked.

Wellnow Squink, I know MEB, and even before I read the thread, I know the answer to that question is “No.”

Well, not in the GWBush sense, at least.

I agree- the answer is no, and the post (even if it spurred some discussion) didn’t follow GD rules. There was no information in it and no arguments were made.

Or as the famous retort to the cop goes, “Aren’t there some real criminals you could be arresting?”

Try thinking about it from his point of view.

You’ve had a long career in the majors, built up an impressive history of stats, and coming into your last years you were admired by fans and respected by your peers.

And now, all anyone remembers you for is that one god-damn error! Do they compare your lifetime averages? Do they make bets on how many hits you had in '78? No! All they ever talk about is the fucking “Buckner toll-booth!”

You’d go over the edge too, man.

Damn, Sublight, you beat me to it. (Although, instead of a tollbooth, I was thinking of the Buckner Bridge.)

You people have no conception of what we Moderators must face! Your puerile minds can’t even imagine the awesome responsibilities that moderating a message board forum entails! How DARE you question ME?!?

You’ll see! Every one of you! Soon, you will all TREMBLE at my Moderating decisions!

It may have gotten 46 replies, but it wasn’t exactly a shining example of a Great Debates thread. (And views really proves nothing. A lot of real trainwreck threads get lots of views; in fact, they invariably do. Also, locked threads tend to get a lot of views after they’re locked, in the same way that people will rubberneck at emergency vehicles on the side of the highway.) In particular, much of the thread seemed to be devoted to various posters quarrelling with SallyStar who has, as previously mentioned, been banned.

We don’t necessarily lock down every thread a now-banned poster has started; it depends. The other thread linked to in the OP (which was actually started by SallyStar) seems to be going fine without her.

Mad? Mad?!? Oh, they will not call me mad when all my plans have come to pass!

Clear rule in GD. If you want to debate a topic you start by putting forth your thoughts. You don’t just say “Everyone look at this. Discuss.”

This thread broke that rule. I saw that as soon as I read it.

Buckner is considered “over the edge” now? Shit - what the hell does that make me? :eek:

Lots of threads break rules and don’t get locked. I’ve seen some locked for that infraction, others with the same problem not locked. Maybe MEBuckner’s decided to get hardass on that particular rule. I’m OK with that, after all, Lynn’s ban on joke threads in the pit has worked out pretty well. But without a little more explication, it looks like he went out of his way to stab a dead horse.

I’m glad to hear him say it’s part of a larger scheme:


I thought you were a clog-wearing Nazi. Or am I getting those mod titles mixed up? Dammit, I need a scorecard or something.


IANAMod, so far be it for me to pass judgement, but … you forgot the evil laugh!!! Geeez! :wally

You’ve redefined the edge, Clogboy.