Is Cecil your master?

Personally I have to fight the urge to go with convention every time I need to link to a column by Cecil and to instead say something like “Cecil speaks.” This could result in people missing it as our eyes are attuned to the specific phrase, “The Master speaks.”

But what about those of us for whom Cecil is not our master? Should we bow to the masses and pretend worship for this, admittedly, respectable fellow, or are we better to keep to our morals and refuse to accept His infallibility. Should we condemn Dopers who consider Cecil their master as pit-worthy sheep, and failing in the fight against ignorance?

What say you?

I like to think of him as a patron saint, actually.

This is in Great Debates? I guess you’re not joking then. Well then, let me spill the beans: it’s all a joke.

While Unca Cece is The Master (of The Straight Dope column), he is not my master.

I’ll just say “thank you” for verbalizing something that has bugged me since I got here. For the background noise at The Dope to carry the overtones of anti-religion to outright atheism, it smacks of Hypocrisy to elevate the probably fictitious (and almost certainly composite) Cecil to the level of a religious cult leader. I realize it’s most often said in a tongue-in-cheek and mocking tone, but Cecil is definitely not my Master. Christopher Walken is.

Think of him more as “your daddy”.

You’ll like it, trust me.

Nah. He’s just like any of us, actually.

Cecil said it, I believe it, that settles it.

I really doubt that using the phrase “Cecil Speaks” would bring opprobrium down on your head.

I guess that I will leave this here, at least for a while, although it looks much more like an IMHO poll than a Great Debate. (Given the fact that Cece is clearly a smartass, I would doubt that most people are actually expressing reverence for his person. Very few posters, here, would ever resort to the sort of sycophancy represented by this post and I doubt that you will find any shrines to Cecil in the homes of the Teeming Millions.)

Like the supreme all-knowing master of every faith, he is self-contradictory.
So on the one hand, if you like supreme masters, he’s as good as any.
And if you think there’s only posers out to hustle the faithful, he’s just one more.
So either way it’s hard to get excited about it.

Only a master of EVIL, Cecil!

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!


He’s a slob like one of us, you mean…just a stranger on a bus?

Cecil is the master of all knowledge, that’s how I take the phrase. And yes, I understand the joking spirit in which it is said. :slight_smile:

Whatever. I just can’t understand the reverence some have for him. =

Dictionary definitions of “master”.

When used to refer to Cecil the term means “an artist of consummate skill” not “a person who has general authority over others”.

I sure ain’t giving up my hotel room for him, that’s for sure.

…aaaand davenportavenger wins the thread.

You mean I wasn’t morally obligated to remove my testicles when he asked me to?


I wish someone had posted this thread last year.

With a capital ‘M’?

As I thought, no debate. On the other hand, it really has not even gone the way of a poll, so off to MPSIMS it goes.
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