Is Ceviche safe (to eat)?

Seviche (lime-juice marinated fish) has gotten very popular. I have tasted it, but i worry about all the viruses and bacteria that lurk in raw seafood. The lime juice marinande-is it acidic enough to kill the bacteria? Also, raw shellfish can be contaminated with the virus that causes hepatitis-is this virus killed by the lime juice?
So, what is the concensus-can you eat seviche and not worry about getting sick? :eek:

If it made many people sick it probably would not be very popular. :smiley:

In general look at the establishment you are ordering it from. IF it looks like a dive, be a lil more wary. Think of it like sushi bars, fish in itself is not really dangerous, its the freshness and proper handling that makes raw or cold cooked fished a danger.

You will find thjis on most menus as a way of the restauranteur doing a CYA. Personally, I have eaten pounds of sushi in places I trust and have never had a problem.

On the other hand, the restaurant chain ChiChis went out of business after patrons contracted hepatitis from eating green onions.

From the United Nations:

Moral: don’t eat poopy ceviche.

There is a popular asian dish that uses lemon or lime juice to “cook” thinly sliced raw beef. You can actually see the beef turning color from red to brownish-gray as though it was being cooked in a microwave. When I eat it, the meat has a “mouth feel” as though it’s been cooked. Is the meat actually getting a chemical burn of sorts?

I eat ceviche here all the time, and so do all my friends. It is extremely popular, and is even sold at baseball games. I have never heard of anyone getting sick from it here.

While ceviche can *conceivably * cause problems in certain circumstances, if you get it from a decent place this shouldn’t be the case.

If you are in the US I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think it’s not CYA. I believe local government health regulations require the warning.

nitpick: There’s no n in restaurateur.

While it does suck that people got hepatitis, the lose of ChiChis is one that the world of gastronomy can weather.

True, but there is in restauranteur.



Dave Barry told me to tell you to cut that out.


Can you see or smell the ocean from the restaurant? If so, then eat the ceviche.