Is Chevrolet finally done with "Like a Rock"?

If so, wow.

It sounds like they’re pushing a techno remix of “Magic Carpet Ride” in all of their commercials now, but they used Like a Rock for…how long? 13 or 14 years?

All done. Switching over to the tagline “An American Revolution”

Thank the gods! I cannot stand Bob Seger (or however you spell his name) any longer. Yeah, he was cool when I was like 8, but then I grew up and discovered other forms of music.

I agree. Any small bit of appeal he ever had for me was driven out by the constant airplay of those commercials and that annoying-as-hell song. Not to mention his hernia-induced voice. <shudder>

I was always wryly amused that a song about integrity is being used to sell a product – “selling out” in the most literal sense! :rolleyes:

I luuurve that version of Magic Carpet Ride. And unlike some people who hate when a favorite song of their’s get put in a commercial, I kinda like hearing it. I also think it’s a good thing the artists involved make some cash.

Off on a tangent—> But I know that’s wrong of me. Artists are supposed to make their art for nothing but the pleasure of creating art.

I haven’t seen a commercial in ages. But I do remember that the last time Bob Seger got arrested for drunk driving, his voice was off those Chevy commercials the next day. Did they wait awhile for people to forget and put him back on the ads? Or did they just continue to use that slogan?

Much as I hate to disagree with Polycarp:
At the suggestion of a friend, Seger gave Chevy the rights to use the song in their ads back when the Michigan auto industry was suffering economically.

“Like A Rock”? I thought it was “Like Iraq” an anthem to Saddam standing up to the west!

After hearing it 100s of times you get funny (dumb) ideas.

To get enough fuel to power these huge, gas guzzling trucks, you might need to invade an oil-producing country… Like Iraq!

On the Dodge truck commercials, just before the ad ends, a disembodied voice yells out “Hit it”…then some music…what’s that supposed to mean?

Was I the only one who found it amusing that they were comparing their vehicles to an object that can’t move under its own power?

“Like a rock…
Just sitting there,
Like a rock…
'Cause it won’t run,
Like a rock…”


Hit the guy who can’t stop asking “That thing got a Hemi?”

“Like my cock
Strong and arrow straight
Like my cock
Damn, my spew tastes great!”

I used to think it was “Lava rock”.