Is coffee/caffeine good or bad for belly fat loss?

So which ones are right? Or does it depend on the person?

Mayo clinic is a bit more reliable source, IMHO:

Notice the word “may” in the sentence.

Maybe the people gaining weight ‘‘from caffeine’’ are drinking it white with several sugars? In which case, it’s the milk and sugar you need to look at. I’d reckon drinking black coffee, no sugar, would not make you fat or impede your attempts to lose weight.

coffee intake is linked to a lower incidence of type II diabetes; according to the metabolic theory of belly fat, it may (big may) therefore be useful for removing or keeping belly fat away.

coffee intake reduces the incidence of metabolic syndrome, suggesting it may be useful for fighting belly fat.

however, the effect varies by sex and individual genetic make-up.

coffee and caffeine seem to be useful for maintaining weight loss after you achieve it.

So it’s the caffeine doing it to my wife. I’ll have to suggest to her to order the frappuccino with the double shot of Kahlua as a decaf next time.

Those studies you cite are hardly conclusive. For instance, the one on metabolic syndrome and caffeine states:

Correlation does not equal causation.

I echo the Mayo Clinic’s conclusion again: “No sound evidence”.
QtM, longtime caffeine consumer with metabolic syndrome and belly fat

I agree. Any effect may also be due to drinking coffee instead of sugary soda or juice. However, it suggests it might have an effect and I’ve never heard of any side effects from drinking a few cups of black coffee per day, so it’s worth a try as an addition to other efforts.

As I understand it, one can’t target specific body fat to lose (excepting liposuction). As such, caffeine cannot.

“good for belly fat loss” can mean that other fat is lost as well

It’s weird how many popular websites go beyond saying coffee and caffeine are neutral - they say it is bad for fat or weight loss.

BTW a lot of belly fat is a very different type of fat (visceral vs subcutaneous) and apparently things like cortisol are involved. The belly fat cure claims to target belly fat better than a typical weight loss program.

“Claims”, yes. Good luck with that JC.

They lie.

The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Eat less (while still getting all the nutrients you need) and exercise more. Everything else is just cognitive dissonance preventing you from doing what it really takes.

The belly fat cure talks about insulin and glucagon being the key concepts.

What if the diet includes that but also includes more? Also this weight loss you’re talking about can including losing water weight and muscle. But my diet also talks about other things like “false belly fat” which is says is “Trapped waste matter that adds pounds and inches to the belly, and can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients and healthy digestion”.

Well a famous guy called Wayne Dyer apparently said “I put the Belly Fat Cure into practice and took 15 pounds off around my middle. I obviously endorse this book!”
I personally have some stubborn belly fat while the rest of me is quite thin. I hope to have a stomach like the guy in the second pic while not getting a skeletal face in the future

Here are some of his celebrity clients:

I think it is fairly clear that he knows what he is doing.

QtM is a doctor and a diabetic. He says the Mayo clinic says nada, that’s the answer I’m going to go with.

“Trapped waste matter”?? Lol. No.

QtM commented on belly fat and caffeine and also gave one example (themself). What you quoted me saying doesn’t really have much to do with caffeine at all and though Jorge Cruise isn’t a doctor he has had a lot of success with celebrities.

“…The walls of your intestines absorb nutrients from the food. What remains as waste passes along to your colon and rectum. At times, things may go wrong in this process and the waste becomes stuck in the colon. This is known as fecal impaction of the colon…”

There are also articles about colon cleansing and the build up of waste matter. I thought there would be some truth to it.
“A person who does a cleanse may initially lose a few pounds, but that is a temporary loss, resulting from the removal of water weight and stool, and not from a permanent loss of fat”

That’s what I’m talking about - stool!

JC Those look like standard photo ops, not client endorsements. Just bear in mind that the fact those people are posted on his Flickr page doesn’t mean they have any relationship at all.

If you want to try this program to lose weight, please remember what others on this thread have said:

-You can’t target body fat in one area of your body with a diet.
-The key to weight loss is using more calories than you take in. Ideally, you should do this in a healthy manner (there a very unhealthy ways to do this). You may want to ask your doctor what program they recommend for weight loss or even if they would look at this one for you.
-Weight loss is generally not easy. It involves commitment and effort. If something makes it sound effortless, it’s probably more of a sales job and less of a reality. In other words, they want your money, so they’re saying what you want to hear.

Again, talk to your doctor.