Is comedian Mort Sahl still alive?

If so, is he still doing stand up? If he isn’t doing stand up, what is he doing?

Well, if the Internet Movie Database ( is to be believed, Sahl is 75 years old and still alive.

But I haven’t seen or heard of him performing recently.

Oddly enough, you can check his official website


He works every single week (Thursdays) and takes questions from the internet and his live audience. Most of his shows are on YouTube.

17 years late on this one.

Yeah, but how many Thursdays?

About 365, actually.

Kinda hard to do a deep search, so MSF didn’t find this 2004 post to bump.

There are 52.25 Thursdays in the average year, so in 17 years, there would be 888 or 889 Thursdays.

Ech, I multiplied 52 by 7, instead of 17. Damn online calculators. :smack:

Stay away from Pentiums.

BTW, are you no longer slithering? Fell off your hull? Lake too high?

RE: Sahl

Long, long ago, an association I was affiliated with wanted to hire Mort Sahl to give a presentation. They claimed they were looking for some comic relief. I suggested that if that’s what they wanted, why not hire a comedian?

Alive, but his career has been dead for almost 60 years.

No change there, location the same IRL and on the SDMB. Lake’s up, but not as bad as 1986, our old seawall is still buried in the dunes but I expect it’ll emerge soon unless the water drops quick. You?

2002 Sahled, they want their Mort back.

Funny how the longest working comedian’s career can be “dead”

You’re not much of a fan if you don’t get the joke.

When he does die you’re not going to dig him up and wear his skin…are you?

If you have to dig up 17 year old threads which questioned whether he was alive back then in order to keep his name (or your name) in the public eye, his career isn’t all that strong.

Very very few mentions of him here in the past. Here is another thread.

However, I have some sad news about Abe Vigoda…