Is Comedian, Steven Wright, Still Around?

What happened to Steven Wright? No, he was not one of the Wright Bros! He did a monotone routine that was hysterical. His dead-pan delivery was awesome! Where did he go? - Jinx

My first instinct was to link to - but there are a dozen Steve Wrights…

I think he comes on Letterman, Leno, and Conan now and then - it’s not like he’s dead or missing. Stand up comedy in general isn’t shown as much as it used to be - there are many comedians I ‘miss’.

Yet we get ^%&# Carrot Top all over the place!

He was on The Late Late Show last week. He’s lookin’ old, I’ll tell you whut!

He got a job at the factory where they make smoke detectors.

It burned down.

You could hear it for six miles.

When will Carrot Top meet “La Machine”? Chr—, is he the most annoying entity ever? He may be many things, but his humor is no laughing matter! :slight_smile: If it weren’t for those annoying AT&T ads, I would have never heard of that veggie man!

Another reason to hate AT&T!

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Here’s the IMDB page for him. Looks like his career is fairly cooled down, maybe it’s the “Oscar jinx”. No wait, strike that last word.

… And one kitten said to the other: “See, that’s how you do it.”

I saw his name at a marquee in Santa Rosa within the past month.

I don’t know where he’s been lately, but he is my favorite stand-up comedian!

Here are some good pages of Stephen Wright quotes, for those who love him and those who don’t (yet):

Enjoy, and don’t get in trouble laughing at work!
(Don’t worry, they’re work-safe, just FUNNY.)

Stephen Wright was on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last week when Quentin Tarantino directed the show. Jimmy tried to get Stephen to “liven up”, which led to a heated argument, which ended with Stephen beating the crap out of Jimmy. (Picture this filmed in typical Tarantino style.)


Nothing to do with me, I’m afraid.

(He’s a Steven with a “v”, I’m a Stephen with a “ph”. Also, he’s funny, which is another way you can tell us apart.)

Last summer he came to the The Palace, here in tiny lil Canton, O. It was sold out. He must be doing the B-Grade City circuit.

Still funny as heck. :slight_smile:

He was schedualed to do a show at the Reno Hilton tonight (4/29) and I heard on the radio this morning the show was cancelled. No reason given. :confused:

I had to go to the eye doctor last week. I was speed reading and hit a bookmark.

He’s in the new Jim Jarmusch film Coffee and Cigarettes, a series of conversations between oddly-matched duos and trios. Steven’s scene is shared with Roberto Benigni. How’s that for a study in contrasts?

Scheduled for limited release next month.

He’s still around and as brilliant as ever. I saw him around last january. He had all kinds of material that I’ve never heard on TV or elswhere, and he told stories. Hell, he even smiled. More than once! We were sure to give him a standing ovation :smiley: .

And if this was a perfect world, Carrot Top would have a very nice job licking the dog crap off of Wright’s boots :cool:.

Of course one has to wonder that if this was a perfect world, why would somebody as great as Steven Wright ever step on dog crap?

I saw him live a few years back in Utah, had all kinds of great new material. He does a tour every few years, always with new stuff, but he never has any of the new stuff recorded for sale.

Funny guy though.

I just saw a picture of him and his girlrfiend, a beautiful blonde-haired Chinese girl.

Does she have wooden legs and real feet?

…I first saw Stephen Wright on a an episode of Moore’s “TV Nation”, where he was at a studio where they record jingles for advertisments…

…they did a jingle for his “name” so that it would play in your head the way an advertisment jingle would and you would remember his name… “STEV—EN----WRIGHT!!!” was how it came out, and I haven’t been able to get his name out of my head since…