Is Contactiong The Dead a Bad ZIdea?

It seems that the Bible (OT) says so.
Take the case of King Saul.
Saul is concerned about a battle next day-he wants to know how he can avoid losing. So he hires a local necromancer (The “Witch of Endor”) to contact the now-dead prophet Samuel.
The “Witch” does her thing,and the ghost of Samuel emerges.
The first words out of his mouth: “why did you disturb my rest”?
Samuel finds (to his horror) that not only will he die in battle next day, but his son will too…and his army will be defeated!
So, given that he was warned not to contact the dead, did God decide to mess him up as well?
Plus, if Samuel is asleep, what could he know about upcoming events?
So, attempst to contact bthe dead are usually futile, and frought with risk!
Should any of us attempt this at home?:eek:

My Ouija board says it’s a bad idea.

As soon as I find my Magic 8 Ball, I’ll let you know what it thinks…

Ralph, do you do everything the Bible says to do, and not do the things it says not to do?


It’s a bad idea, in that it’s a waste of time. Once someone dies their brain rots. Brains cause consciousness. Consciousness is required for contact.

Your time would better be spent on typing classes.

I have your Magic 8 Ball. You’ll get it back when you apologize for what you did.

They’ll steal your money - happens everytime - those per minute rates to the netherworld are not covered in your wireless plan.

Better try contacting a spell checker.

forget it.

I do not recommend it, Ouija’s are gateways. Also, you can contact the dead with one, but, you can also speak with entities far more horrifying.

Worse idea: posting while drunk.

What are you talking about? I post drunk all the time. Worst it ever got me was lynched in mafia.

I’d think so. The grave is a fine and private place, but there’s just no place to charge the cell phone.

Worse still: posting when you’re ralph124c.

I tried contacting the dead once.

He didn’t say anything useful, though. Just variations on “Please help me, I woke up in here and I can’t get out.”

Ever since Jerry Garcia died, contacting the Dead has been futile.
All you get is a computer generated email back, “Gone Phishing”.

So this is a chronic condition of his?

How’s that?

Yeah, like my grandmother.