Is cooler weather worth shorter days?

So, it is October in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, cooler weather along with shorter days.

Is it worth it?

I’m not convinced, especially during fall. Sure, it was under 100 degrees today, but I was using headlights at 5:30.

Nope, it only begins to pay off in February and March. Cool temperatures but with MORE hours of sunlight every day.

My favorite season is spring, and then it’s just all downhill from there.

Oh, hell yeah. Right now is just about perfect weather here in the northeast. Crisp, clear, windy fall days - nothing like it. The days are still plenty long enough.

Why would it be worth anything to be cooler? It’s rarely too hot! Shorter, cooler days is lose-lose as far as I’m concerned.

You’ve convinced me! It’s time to eliminate that damned axial tilt!

Well, our temperatures do get up to around 120 degrees here.

I love the shorter days as well as the cooler weather. It’s cozy (inside, anyway) and I can go for early-morning walks without getting the sun in my eyes like I do all summer long. We’re having our first rain here today and I’m all thrilled; we stayed home and made pumpkin muffins and now we have a fire going. Yay!


Can’t explain it. It induces feelings within me that Spring does not.

So for that reason, it’s definitely worth it.

EDIT - Here’s one reason: I like the smells of Fall, mainly the bonfire smell.

What month is it in the Southern Hemisphere? :confused:

One thing I don’t have to worry about here is hot weather. I love summers up here by the Strait of Georgia. But today I was driving along the shore. It’s raining lightly and I turned up the short hill to my house. The grey bay behind me, the grey skies above me, and the orange maple leaves on the black asphalt being blown by a little breeze. The Fall is nice here. :slight_smile:

Oh, I caught the smell of someones fireplace while I was walking home the other day. I inhaled deeply and really enjoyed the scent. It makes me feel at home and cozy and happy. I love the fall, too. And Halloween! I take the day off every year, my own personal holiday. I think October is my favorite month.

To me, yes, the shorter days are worth the cooler weather. I hate the heat, and I’m not a fan of direct sunlight either.

It’s win-win as i see it.

Darker? Great, i can actually sleep past 4am. The cold is even better, all the bugs seem to just vanish. And it’s way easier to get warm in the cool weather then get cool in the hot weather.

I love October too. My birthday is in September, so I’ve always had an affinity for that month, but the anxiety of beginning school tempered it.

Now that I’m basically done with school forever, that feeling has become bittersweet for me, but the good feelings definitely outweigh the bad.

I’ve always associated Fall with new beginnings and football, which is a winning combo for me.

The only thing I dislike about the fall is that it comes so suddenly. Just a few days ago it was 90 degrees, and today only 75. The temperature drops too far, too fast. Same thing with the coming of summer, only the temperature rises too quickly.

Ohhhhh I’m so glad I moved to Colorado. I spent 11 years in Arizona, which was about 10 years too long. My friends from AZ said, “But what about the cold winters?” The way that I look at it, I’d rather be stuck inside in the winter than in the summer. When it’s decent to be outdoors in the summer here, the days are longer – more time to enjoy things. Down in AZ, the winters are awesome, but it’s already dark while on your way home from work.

Absolutely. After suffering through 35C yesterday, I’d be happy to have winter back.

You Betcha! Screw that “Summer” nonsense and the sweat runnin’ down the crack o’yer’@Ss!

Sun up at 7, hit the slopes (with a foot or two of fresh) by 10*, do a million verticle feet by 4, in a hot tub with a blond and a brew (all dark and snuggly) by 5!

That is the life! Too bad it only lasts a few months (unless you head to Chile!).

Night-time is the Right-time!

  • Them hardcore kids have already hiked up two peaks for fresh tracks by 10! Screw them, too! I’m an old fart! I likes me the chairlift!


Spoken like a true southerner. You bring up a conundrum that would never, ever occur to someone in the north. “Worth it” to be cool? What are you on? :smiley:

And, for what it’s worth, February sucks. All the clouds go away, leaving us with blindingly bright sunny days where the high temp is in the single digits because there’s no big blanket of clouds keeping us warm (ie, in the 20s or 30s).


It’s will likely snow here today. Elevation rules the weather.

Yeah, February can get nasty. But March is usually when we get the most snow. Total snowfall for last winter was just over 30 feet.

And here we go again. My job today is to check on our plow truck. Air up the tires, check the tire chains, oil, transmission and so on…

Oh yeah, I know - you live in the part of Colorado that actually does get a winter.

I used to giggle at all the front-rangers who thought they had seasons there. I had one go so far as to tell me that Boulder got more snow than Michigan. Yeah, right. You just go on believing that one :smiley:

We tend to get the most snow in… well, let’s say January through April. And throw in December as being able to show a good second place. And May sometimes comes in there, too. Heck, if you get right down to it, it’s snowed every month of the year up here.