Is Diamonds02 a troll?

I think she is. Here’s her latest troll-tacular thread.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

At the very least, she’s certainly entirely aware of what reaction crap like that is going to provoke.

What kind of namby-pamby bullshit is this? This is the motherfuckin’ BBQ Pit, gawdammit! We do not “discuss” here, and certainly not “amongst ourselves”.

Well, do what you do then. Jolly good.

My calculations show that there’s a very high probability that Diamonds02 is SenorBeef’s upstairs neighbor. She’s using his electricity to power a huge searchlight.

"Jolly good?? Why don’t you offer me an ice cold lemonade and a pillow for my ass, while you’re at it?


Aren’t you supposed to say “Pip, Pip, Cheerio?”

What are the odds that Diamonds02 is a 12 year old boy?

I don’t know if she’s a troll. *Somebody *must find Punk’d funny, and this is exactly the personality I imagine.

When I see her name, “aware” is not the first thing that springs to mind.

Diamonds02 isn’t a troll, in my opinion. She/he/it(just a coincidence that the phrase abbreviates to “shit”, btw :D) is fishing for supporters. If people think the “pranks” are funny, then a revelation that the “friend” is really the OP will follow-if people think the “pranks” are idiotic, then the OP gives an opinion grudgingly supporting the general consensus. It’s lameass all the way.

Here’s a pillow for your ice cold ass. Go suck a lemon!

Green skinned and looking for a bridge to live under.

For Chrissake, almost all of her posts are about how funny it is to fuck with people for no reason. Does it need to be on a billboard?

That would be really funny if someone did that and the revelation really occurred. BRB.

I furnish the heat gun and the putty knife of they want the pillow back. :wink:

Yes, Diamonds02 is a troll. How this is not readily apparent to anybody with a functioning brain is lost on me.

Her objective in that last thread was to shine her (virtual) flashlight into our (virtual) windows to see what shit she could stir up.

She seems to have been successful.


But yeah, she’s a troll.

I don’t think she’s so much a troll as… special. She’s our special girl.