Is Disney trying to make me buy a new DVD player?

We have two Disney DVDs, and when we try to play them in our living room, using our Pioneer DVD player, there is video but no audio.

When we play them on our Philips DVD player in the bedroom, they work fine.

We’ve never run into this problem with the Pioneer player before - and we have watched hundreds of DVDs on it. The machine is a few years old, but still …

Is Disney doing something “weird” with their new releases? (If it matters, the two in question are The Jungle Book 40th Anniversary Edition, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Friendship Edition.)

perhaps your dvd player is simply exhibiting good taste?

It’s more likely your Pioneer player has started to lose functionlity. It happens. Try the DVD in a computer or some other DVD players and see if it works. Could be the only player with a problem is the Pioneer and there’s your answer.

Could the disc be blu-ray?

Thanks xiix for your valuable input - this is GQ, I’m not looking for your opinion of my 2 year old daughter’s taste in movies. :rolleyes:

nivlac - as mentioned in the OP, the discs play fine in our Philips player.

I’m curious to know if there is a reason why only the Pioneer player is only having this problem with only the Disney DVDs, but all other DVDs play fine in it.

And Bosda - no, the discs are just DVDs.

Dumb question, of course, but have you tried playing with the audio settings while the DVD is in the non-functioning player? It might be trying to broadcast sound in a way that your dvd player doesn’t recognize.

Also, do any other DVDs work in your old DVD player? Try putting in a DVD that has worked in your Pioneer before, and see if the sound works. My first bet is that the sound wont work on any DVDs you use in that player, not just the new Disney releases. If so, check your connections, check your sound settings, and if none of those are the obvious problem, get a new dvd player. :slight_smile:

ALL of our other DVDs work FINE in that DVD player, it’s just these Disney ones, hence the thread.

Mosier’s initial “dumb question” is a good one, though. Tried playing with the audio settings? Maybe your DVD player is defaulting to DTS when your TV/stereo can only deal with Dolby, for instance.

I have an old Phillips DVD711 model. When I have the no-audio problem, removing/re-inserting the DVD has always “fixed” it. Occasionally, I’ll have a similar issue with a DVD not wanting to fast-forward/reverse; the remove/re-insert trick seems to fix that, too.

I’ve heard of weird things happening, like “no audio” or “weak audio”, when the left and right channels are out of phase and try to cancel each other out when mixed down to mono.