Is Dougie_Monty psychic?

In this thread, DM seems to respond “I hope so too,SC.” or something to that effect. I can only guess that SC is SqrlCub. My question is that SqrlCub’s answer comes AFTER DM has already responded. About 8 hours after.

Am I just missing something (which is likely) or have the posts gotten reversed or what? Is the SC someone else, just coincidentally the same initials as SqrlCub?

That’s an old thread you’ve been reading. Here’s what I believe happened. You’ve lost your mind.

No, seriously. That thread was created when we were using different software to run the board and I remember period of time when the server clock kept resetting, or adjusting itself. So, when we transferred the old posts to the new software, it placed them in their proper thread, but used the old (and in this case incorrect) timestamp to sequence them. So, if the clock was incorrect when a post was made, it got placed in the wrong sequence upon conversion.

Yeah, I saw that the original post dates were from back in '99. I thought that it may have something to do with the old software.

Thanks for the clarification.