Is Evernote useful if I already use Google Drive and Pinboard?

I’ve been trying to get more organized in both my work and personal life, and I’m wondering if Evernote would be useful to me? (My husband suggested it.) I had previously set up an Evernote account (a couple of years ago) and played around with it a bit, but hadn’t seen much use in it.

I see articles on Lifehacker all the time about how Evernote the greatest thing since sliced bread, but all the things they talk about seem like they are already fulfilled by other programs I use. For example, if I need to make a list or type notes about something, I use Google Drive. I have an app (OurGroceries) that I already use for my shopping list. If I want to bookmark a site I use Pinboard (I used to use Delicious). I already have a to-do list on ToodleDo.

My husband showed me how he uses Evernote but it seems like what I’m already using Google Drive for. I guess one benefit is that I could use one program for everything, instead of separate apps for documents, shopping, to-do lists, etc, except those other programs have features Evernote doesn’t have. OurGroceries has a phone app where I can just tap the item as I buy it, and it’s removed from the list. With ToodleDo, I can create repeating tasks, as well as “future tasks” that don’t show up on the list until a certain date.

So, I don’t know. Maybe the problem is me and not my software. The main reason I’m disorganized is that I’m lazy and forgetful (I keep intending to note something on my to-do list or calendar but don’t get around to it), so maybe it’s just a matter of using my existing tools better rather than looking for another one. But I was just wondering if there is anyone here who uses Evernote while also using Google Drive or other similar tools, and how you make use of them.

I only use Evernote. I have it on two PCs as well as my Galaxy S3, Android tablet and an iPhone. Works great and keeps everything synched up. I do use Grocery iQ for food shopping.

I’d actually not known about the others, so now I need to go look at them to see what I’m missing.

I use Evernote for my journal, archiving records and receipts and for keeping track of projects. Google Drive and Dropbox I use for various types of files, e.g. Word, Excel, graphics, that I often need to access for business purposes. Evernote is more for personal business.

I’ve slowly migrated many activities from other programs to Evernote in the quest to have One App that Rules Them All. I’m glad I did. Here’s the thing–for any given activity (to do list, grocery list, project management, etc) there is some other dedicated application that does it better than Evernote. But you don’t really appreciate the utility of Evernote until you reach the point where virtually EVERYTHING you do is contained within it. This has made my informational life so much simpler and efficient.

Now, one of my basic requirements for any other application is “Does it work with Evernote”. So, while I do use other applications for various purposes, when I want to hold on to some piece of information for future use, I want a button that sends it straight to Evernote.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can make it do a variety of things that are not obvious at first glance. One of the biggest advances in the way I use it was discovering the utility of Saved Searches. Using these makes it function more like a database instead of just a bunch of lists.

I store lots of stuff in Evernote, so that I can forget about it and never look at it again :slight_smile:

The one thing I find it invaluable for, though, is recipes. I use JotNot on my ipod to scan a recipe out of a book and upload it to evernote, where I can get at it anyplace as long as I have a device with an evernote app. Also of course you can clip recipes you find on the web. So now I have a searchable, taggable recipe archive that I can carry in my pocket.