Is God asexual?

I’m too lazy to ask “the Guy Upstairs” (which is, of course, Cecil) so I’m asking you fellas. Is this an actual documented theory? Is there any religious folk out there that can prove of disprove this? Any faith can join this conversation, of course. Open your mind!

God could be a “hermaphrodite” too…

Depends on the religion. And isn’t asking proof or disproof of this downright silly?

Maybe not proof, but some links to support your thoughts would be nice. :smiley:

Of course not. Haven’t you seen all the renderings of him? How many have you seen that wasn’t male?

According to Judaism, G-d is indeed asexual.

Later anthromorphisms of the Biblical diety as male are probably rooted in the fact that Hebrew, having no grammatical neuter, renders the asexual G-d with male grammar…as the language does for a table or a window. But since sexuality is a physical trait, and Judaism believes G-d has no physicality, G-d is, by definition, asexual.

IMHO Anyone too lazy to make at least one simple search deserves to be left in the dark.

Genesis I:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

In other words ‘man,’ male and female are ‘man’ made in the “image” of God.
“Image” is the question for you to ferret out.

Mary Knows.

Asking whether God is asexual obviously depends on the religious beliefs of the person you ask. I believe that God is a transcendent being, and I don’t think it makes sense to ask what gender he has. I use masculine language when speaking of God because it’s traditional; I wouldn’t have a problem with someone else using feminine or gender-neutral language.

I thought the IMHO threads were a-that-a-way ----->

You’re right, my bad. guest closes his eyes and is now in the dark

According to a book I’m reading (well starting actually so don’t grill me on the details/complexities) the God Yahweh in early Israelite religion was originally one (male) god in a polytheistic pantheon, and also had a wife, Asherah.

Well the only time I ever say “GOD” is when I am having sex.


Yes, it’s a little like asking what gender time is, or what gender nature is. Although we do sometimes speak of “Father Time” or “Mother Nature,” that doesn’t mean we believe that time is a male or nature a female.

God, as understood by all the major monotheistic religions, is not a physical being. God does not have genitalia; God does not reproduce. So in that sense God is certainly asexual. If you want to talk about what makes someone male or female besides the physiological differences of their bodies, that’s a controversial question right there.

Which god?

Some are male, some are female, some are neither, some are both. Some change depending on mood or purpose.

Presuming you’re asking about the Christian god, most orthodox denominations hold that that particular entity is neuter (and in fact there are venerable old pieces of artwork portraying Jesus with tits to include the female in the incarnation).

Although some religions use the pronoun “He” when addressing God, there is no sex as we know it in the spiritual world. The reason is simple, there are no physical bodies. Spiritual entities are energy, and can take different forms, but sex is not needed, same for eating, drinking, breathing. etc.

Energy is physical.

In this particular case I would suggest that the word energy is… poorly chosen. Saying energy does imply physicality, and God is certainly real. His physicality is sort of irrelevant. He could be physical or not in any shape or form for whatever purpose He chose.

Ok, spiritual energy is a common definition, but the word vitality, and the word essence is also used. Actually what we humans call physical is spiritual energy condensed. Words are only symbols defined by man indicating a reality of some sort.

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Is not much of the ideas of the Judaic God borrowed from Mithras / Mitra , whom was a male deity of ancient Persia.