GOD is not a girl

Some joker here on the SD has taken the handle GOD. GOD tries to answer as though they were the great diety and it is MILDLY amusing, but anyway, I digress…GOD’s e-mail address indicates that this person is a female.

I’m not religious, but I can tell you that if a GOD exists, it’s not a girl!

Contestant #3

Do you mean God would be male, or would be genderless?

I’m of the opinion that if God exists, there’s only one, so gender would be meaningless. Why would something that doesn’t reproduce sexually have a gender?

And… if God were sentient, we would have to assign a pronoun to God… Since, in english, all sentient beings (or things we assign sentience to like dogs, and cars) must take either “he” or “she” as a pronoun, I see no reason why God couldn’t be either “He” or “She.” So let God take a feminine pronoun. sounds good to me…

Jason R Remy

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Why not? Has someone done a celestial wienie-check?

BTW, I have enjoyed God’s post, even though I am an atheist (no offense, God, okay?).


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Of course, GOD is not a girl. . .

GOD is a woman!


According to a best-selling book on the subject, GOD created man in his own image…woman came later as an afterthought and was created from the rib of a man.

So how could GOD possibly be a woman?

Contestant #3

I always find this argument amusing. I am neither girl nor boy nor man nor woman. I’m GOD. Gender, no gender, both genders, an infinite number of genders…whatever turns you on.

No offense taken, Jess.
I still believe in YOU.

BTW, #3: the popular book’s version of what happened is a little misleading. Adam was more of a rough draft.

I’ve always thought the concept of a monotheistic diety with a bipolar gender was somewhat self contradictory. Why anthropomorphize something that, by definition, is larger than the concept,

Oh and BTW God, that last post clearly show partisanship, won’t do for a supreme being,

Ivick, you are catching on. I throw contradictory messages out there now and then, just to see what you folks will do with them.

C3, why would God have a gender? Do you think there are female Gods out there that It’s making baby Gods with?

Why would an omnipotent being need help making anything?


But GOD does have a gender…just check GOD’s e-mail address.

Besides, as I stated above, GOD created man in his own image according to what I’ve read.

Contestant #3

I believe that if god has a gender it is female because:

  1. The many subtle colors.
  2. All of the sounds of nature.
  3. The complexity of humans.
  4. The obviously superior I.Q.

Well, I’m not a believer of the bible (or of God for that matter), but even if I were, the statement “GOD created man in his own image” could be interpreted as referring to all of mankind (i.e. the entire race), and not the male gender.

And I’ll ask for the third time now: Since gender only exists for sexual reproduction, why would a being that clearly does not sexually reproduce have a gender? What does it do with Its penis?

Or Its vagina, for those that consider it female?

Yeah Rev, it COULD be interpreted that way, but it also could have been written that way but wasn’t…

Besides, GOD created man first…right?

And finally, GOD might need some way to excrete his GODLY urine and a penis is a way of doing that…besides, you can write your name with urine if you have a penis…

Contestant #3

Contestant #3, perhaps you would like to share with the rest of the group the lovely e-mail I just recieved concerning this topic?

Anyhoo, back on the topic, I have no doubt that the gender of god as shown in the bible might be filtered through the eyes of those who wrote about the subject, and later on through the eyes of translators, church officals, and various politicos.
If some of you are still in need of male gods, the Greek and Roman mythologies have plenty to choose from. For the high testosterone variety, try Norse or Aztec. :).

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